Letters to the Editor

Fight fire with fire: Give guns to the schoolteachers

I agree with Sen. Marco Rubio (story Oct. 7) that stricter gun laws would prove fruitless, because criminals would flout them.

Since police can’t be everywhere, and sometimes can’t arrive in time to prevent a tragedy, there has to be armed personnel at every school campus to stop a gunman and prevent a massacre like the one in Roseburg, Oregon.

School teachers, not students should be armed and trained on how and when to use a firearm. Hired armed security guards should keep surveillance for intruders and other people who have no business on school grounds.

Parents should keep a close watch on their children’s behavior and make sure they are not toting concealed weapons. Sometimes we have to fight fire with fire. Like NRA’s executive vice president Wayne La Pierre States, “It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun.” How true this is.

Alex Rubalcava, Fresno