Letters to the Editor

Pay it forward by investing in scholarships

The value of scholarships does not get enough media attention, and paying it forward is really a valuable act that can have a greater benefit that people may think.

Although Jimmy Xiong may not be of age to drive his new free car, the financial burden some families struggle through doesn’t always give young adults that opportunity to drive themselves to things such as after-school activities, study group sessions, or to work, and this new car may not only be a benefit to him in his future but to his family.

Scholarships to me are an example of paying-it-forward; an investment in our future. I am grateful for scholarships because they help lessen the financial impact on both me and my family. It allows me to have more time to dedicate to my studies and alleviates the stress associated with tight finances.

As I continue to progress in my education, I hope to also be able to give back to my community and to be able to pay-it-forward by investing in the next generation.

Ellie West, Fresno