Letters to the Editor

Before you vote to guns, think of the practicalities

The mass killings have started the talk again of banning guns or allow more to carry. Good arguments on both sides.

Some thoughts before you decide to ban guns: The people who buy guns legally and who have later been determined as not safe to have guns are known to the legal authorities and the police should be collecting them. The individuals and groups that want to destroy us usually do not buy guns legally and register them. The bad guys will always get weapons, they steal them from those who buy them legally.

If you ban guns from or close to school grounds, how will you really know? The only way to guarantee that no guns get on school grounds is to enclose all schools with solid walls like prisons and have all entering go through metal detectors and body searches (not all metal detectors detect all metals). Don’t forget about the non-metal guns and knives. Think about that cost and how long it will take. Also, where do you start, whose child should be the first protected? Whose last?

What we really need to do is enforce the laws we have now. Plan very carefully before you do something foolish and more harmful to all of us.

C. Glen Adams, Coalinga