Letters to the Editor

Probation is a slap on the wrist for rapist

A Fresno judge is considering probation for an accusation of rape against a former police officer?

Honestly what kind of example does that give to the society? Commit a serious crime to just get a slap on the wrist for it. Or even worse, just because someone is part of the government, he doesn’t get the same punishment as a person who works the graveyard shift at a restaurant. Obviously there’s a double standard here.

Cases like this are why communities all over the country are enraged with how the U.S justice system works. The victim testified that she was unconscious and intoxicated while the offender recorded himself having sex with the victim. If it’s clear in the video that the victim couldn’t give consent, then that’s the definition of rape. Point blank.

If the justice system can’t see that, then there shouldn’t be one at all.

Perla Delcid, Fresno