Letters to the Editor

Coastal snobbery pushes poor to the Valley

Joe Matthews’ article lauding the poor for leaving the coastal areas and moving to the Valley would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

Reading between the lines, Mr. Matthews is very succinct concerning how coastal dwellers feel about the poor. Basically, it’s that we on the coast have a healthy, wealthy lifestyle, and we don’t want it ruined by the dirty dispossessed. Their tenements will lower our property values; their uninsured clunkers will damage our BMWs and Lexuses; and their children will drive down the quality of our schools.

Allow a few to remain to mow our lawns and clean our houses, but all the others should live in the Valley, along with the rest of the trash. What elitist snobbery and condescension. Unfortunately, it’s the typical coastal liberal attitude: help the poor; so long as they’re helped somewhere else by someone else. Just make sure they don’t impinge on us.

Larry Parmeter, Fresno