Letters to the Editor

Fresno City Council shouldn’t make changes without voter approval

The excuse given by the Fresno City Council regarding the storage of the three barrels used for waste disposal is very weak.

Based on the premise used in this action, we can pass laws with public acceptance only to nullify provisions of that law that might have been instrumental in this public acceptance. So the government gets what it wants, then changes it later when nobody is looking.

When the original ordinance was passed for the process we now have, many provisions were included. The principal one that gained a lot of public support was the requirement that these unsightly containers be put away in a manner not to significantly impact our neighborhoods, knowing that a few bad apples could spoil it for everybody.

We still know this but now, I guess, nobody is really looking, so let’s change it. If changes occur in an ordinance that substantially modifies the use and impact of the ordinance, then the whole ordinance should be up for review and reauthorization, considering the changes desired by the governmental body.

Bill Richards, Fresno