Letters to the Editor

Education is answer to gun violence

In response to the “No Response to Gun Violence” letter written by Ed Bailey on Oct. 7: I have to disagree with his attempt to correlate the “300,000 Americans that have died from senseless gun violence” with the 9/11 attack that took 2,996 American lives from families and friends of our nation.

Mr. Bailey suggests that by closing “loopholes” in gun show sales or instituting a national background check to prevent the wrong people from getting firearms, we could eliminate what he deems as senseless violence.

By limiting access to law-abiding citizens to acquire firearms lawfully, it makes criminals who don’t obtain firearms lawfully that much more dangerous to the general public. People have the misconception that law enforcement can protect them from armed criminals, however law enforcement is meant to be a reactive force, not a proactive one.

The chances of an armed officer or sheriff’s deputy stopping an armed criminal in the process of committing a crime is less likely than an armed citizen doing the same.

The way to minimize senseless gun violence is education. Families need to take the time to explain and ensure that children understand firearms and their capabilities.

Paige Ybarra, Fresno