Letters to the Editor

Westlands commentary contains ‘ludicrous scenario’

How ridiculous and desperate Lloyd G. Carter seems in his commentary on the United States Settlement with Westlands Water District.

He concocted a ludicrous scenario where President Obama, Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, and U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch conspired to agree to a settlement with Westlands that was not in the best interest of the public. Even more ridiculous is the idea that the attorneys representing Westlands bamboozled Department of Justice and Department of Interior lawyers.

As a former state government lawyer, Mr. Carter knows that lawyers at the Department of Justice are exceptional, and they are tough advocates for the government. Mr. Carter and the other activists should be honest and admit that they are against farming in the Valley. With that clarification, all the fiction in his commentary and the previous anti-farming pieces make perfect sense.

Phil Larson, retired Fresno County Board of Supervisor