Letters to the Editor

Police were the problem during house party

On Sept. 20, three Fresno State athletes attended a loud house party near Fresno State. Other than loud noise and alleged underage drinking (not unusual at Saturday night college parties), there was no trouble until the police showed up.

Obviously, because of their superior powers of observation, the police were able to identify three Fresno State athletes who could serve as examples and deserved the heavy hand of the law-and-order crowd. And apparently the Fresno County District Attorney agrees.

These questions come to mind:

• What harm would have come had the police not shown up?

• What steps did these “first responders” take to diffuse and de-escalate the alleged confrontations between the party-goers and the “men in blue?”

• Were these ’Dogs athletes the only exuberant miscreants at the party?

• Why does the DA not consider the disciplinary actions taken by Fresno State sufficient and appropriate for the infractions?

• Why must these athletes, their parents and the community be required to spend time and money on an incident that had already been handled appropriately by Fresno State?

A final thought: other than the underage drinking, the charges brought by the DA were all precipitated and aggravated by those who “protect and serve.”

Jerry Harmon, Clovis