Letters to the Editor

What the world needs now is population planning

We are a nation of immigrants and now overflowing with immigrants. There are not enough jobs for our existing tired and poor.

As population expands, our freedom contracts. The world’s huddled masses and wretched refuse overwhelm our institutions and natural resources. The U.S. cannot generate job opportunities for existing homeless and unemployed.

Technology works overtime to replace every possible job with robotics. We work hard to ensure college degrees for high school graduates but cannot provide college-level jobs. We reduce the level of crimes and periods of sentencing but cannot provide jobs for those leaving prison.

Every immigrant brings a carbon footprint, deprives existing U.S. immigrants of jobs or job opportunities, increases demand for water, food and shelter and limited resources. Each one dilutes and shrinks the size of the welfare pie and overall standard of living.

The Future is not promising for our children and grandchildren. We are beyond the bottom of the barrel. Our world leaders, political and spiritual, must look beyond next election, next birth, and next voter and be shepherds of our earth.

Our world needs to start talking about worldwide population planning. The U.S. cannot support unbridled population growth and provide meaningful opportunity for U.S.-born immigrants.

Garry Rogers, Fresno