Letters to the Editor

Localize Valley food

The heritage of the Valley, is agriculture.

I find it disheartening that people like Jerrold Jensen, who clearly has an agenda, and can go about discrediting a taxpaying resident who seeks to enable food freedom. Characters such as Mr. Jensen, are known as shills; they’re generally paid assassins. With Monsanto having taken over the bread basket, scooping up foreclosed farms and embedding themselves at University of California Davis.

It’s amazing to me that people are not seeing this Trojan horse. When they can send chickens to slaughter in China and then ship the meat back to us, you know it’s time to stand up for food freedom.

I own my home and pay taxes. We need to go back to localizing our food!

Considering the issues facing our society, anyone who is in line with food independence and sustainability should be considered a “leader.” Let Visalia stand as a positive example of urban farming, resourcefulness and a sustainable future for all of its community members.

Do you like old Visalia or new Visalia? Main Street or strip malls? Family-owned or corporate-owned? The cities are failing; does Visalia want to fail?

Food freedom; sustainable community; sustainable future!

Wendi Morrison-Merritt, Three Rivers