Letters to the Editor

Where was news of Beck’s Birmingham rally?

Flooding the streets of Birmingham, Alabama, thousands marched in the most powerful unity rally since Martin Luther King.

Organized by Glenn Beck and kicked off by a prayer from Rafael Cruz (father of the presidential hopeful Ted Cruz), the march included notables Alveda King (niece of the Martin Luther King Jr.) plus many Hollywood big names yet incredibly that not one Associated Press journalist or major network reporter had the nerve to cover it.

Sporting signs “God is the Answer,” and “All Lives Matter,” the “Restoring Unity” rally was kicked off Friday evening in front of a packed crowd at the Guiding Light Church outside of Birmingham. Among the goals of the rally – to raise $10 million to move 400 Christian families from the Middle East to safety.

With cries of “Never Again is Now” and “Stand Against the Tide of Evil,” Mr. Beck and other speakers urged the crowd to unite against the unbelievable, outrageous acts of evil around them.

Thousands upon thousands march in the name of God and who does the news cover? A few hundred shouting “Down with Pigs” and slogans depicting the killing of police. Is it our press playing the fiddle while Rome burns?

Diana Mulligan, Fresno