Letters to the Editor

Trump courts naive people craving nostalgic past

There are politicians who bring to the surface to voters a deep-seeded racism, a primal genesis, at best, that is rooted in fear.

It has been manifest historically and in the present day that some pols select a group of people, better said, an ethnic or race of people to vanquish, designed conveniently to promote a horrific form of nationalism. The pols vilify those not of his or her kind, the plan of which is to make them less than human, if possible, scapegoating the problems of the nation, in bad and confusing times.

The pogrom is laden with demagoguery and the perceived exceptionalism appealing to nativist sentimentality. Attacking the other, the foreigner, rekindles pride in the national race, while establishing an ideology of hate and mass violence as the solution to restoring this national pride and lamented greatness in the hearts of naive people craving a nostalgic past.

This targeted and persecuted group historically encounters horrific violence, eventually death in mass. In the current case, presidential Republican candidate Donald Trump, in his progressed megalomania and misdirected ambition, channels the spirit of a monster, of these sorts, in the world’s past.

Jess Sanchez Barroso, Fresno