Letters to the Editor

Make Mideast nuke free – including Israel

John Renfro’s fear-mongering, anti-Iran jeremiad (letter “Rational Fear,” Aug. 25) that purported to show evidence of Iranian nuclear intentions unwittingly makes the case for validating the nuclear disarmament agreement.

While we are at it, let’s make the Middle East a nuclear-free zone starting with Israel’s huge cache of atomic weapons (estimated to be in the range of 500 nuclear war heads) which is hidden from the United Nation’s inspection at their Dimona nuclear facility in the Negev Desert.

It is clear. This whole anti-Iran issue is entirely driven by the aggressive lobbying by Israel, which behaves like a bully boy by treating America as if we are a mere satellite state of their Zionist nation. I’m fed up with Israel treating our Congress as if they can be bought or cajoled to do their every bidding.

Berl Jay Hubbell, Fresno