Letters to the Editor

Support Iran agreement

President Ronald Reagan was vilified as a “useful idiot” of the Kremlin for initiating arms reduction talks with the USSR by the same ilk who beat the drums for war in Iraq, and who now want to trash the six-nation negotiated nuclear agreement with Iran.

Tell me, how well did the arms reduction talks and the Iraq war work out?

Those who have been so wrong for so long offer war or “increased sanctions” as options for dealing with Iran. If you liked the Iraq war disaster, you will love their first option! As to the second option, just how many of our five negotiating partners do they think are going to go along with trashing the agreement they worked so hard to bring about?

Israeli intelligence and military experts free to speak (i.e. retired) overwhelmingly favor the agreement. Iran gives up two-thirds of its centrifuges, and 98 percent of its nuclear material. It will be subject to the most rigorous inspection regime ever imposed.

Urge your congressional representatives to support American interests.

John Frietas, Fresno