Letters to the Editor

Kershaw stood tall as role model for Armenian women

Thank you to The Bee for the article published on Aug. 23 about the passing of Rosellen Kershaw.

It is wonderful The Bee took time to acknowledge the work of a women who cared so deeply for her community. From a young age, I always admired Mrs. Kershaw’s intelligence and civic involvement. I was lucky over the years to have several conversations with her about the work she did in the community, her fondness for helping the Valley prosper and most of all her love for the written word. She was always very supportive of my career in journalism.

When I was a student at Fresno State, I began writing for area newspapers. Mrs. Kershaw wrote me a hand-written letter telling me that she enjoyed reading my articles and to keep up the good work. I was so honored to receive that letter; I still have it today.

Thank you, Rosellen, for encouraging me to move forward with my journalism career and, most importantly, for being a good example, for a young Armenian woman, who wants to give back to the community she loves!

Sarah Soghomonian, Fresno