Letters to the Editor

Support Iran nuclear agreement; it’s now or never

I implore Rep. Jim Costa, and area Congress people, to find the courage and take the chance to support the nuclear agreement of (the U.N. Security Council’s permanent member nations) with Iran. The only way to prevent/reduce such threats to the Earth is one-by-deadly-one. This is far from “mission accomplished” but mission barely begun.

I implore us all to pay rapt and grave, but active attention to events between now and the end of the year. Let us embrace this chance of a Global Lifetime. The agreement with Iran is scheduled for Sept. 17. Pace e Bene’s Campaign Nonviolence offers a week of global/local actions, Sept. 22-27, flowing from the United Nations’ International Day of Peace, Sept. 21.

Pope Francis, embodying crucial connections among economies, ecologies, and ecumenicities, visits the U.S.Sept. 22-27, speaking before both Congress and the United Nations. Oct. 24, the U.N., still our last, best, and urgent hope for space enough and time to dream together a saner, more durable world, celebrates its 70th birthday.

Finally, perhaps most challengingly, the U.N.’s Climate Change Conference gathers in Paris, Nov. 30-Dec. 11.

There is no other planet. We get no other chance. Now or never leaves little time.

John Auer, Fresno