Letters to the Editor

Demand to know what’s in our food

With growing concern over the safety of genetically modified organisms and public consensus that people have a right to know what is in their food, it might surprise many to know the details of the recently passed House Resolution 1599.

Sadly, Fresno area Reps. Costa, Denham, McClintock, Nunes and Valadao voted in favor of what many in opposition are calling the DARK Act (Deny Americans the Right to Know). It aims to take away states’ rights to label and regulate GMO products, as well as strip the Food and Drug Administration of regulatory powers regarding GMOs. By forbidding state and federal laws on GMO labeling, it would legally sanction corporative rights to deprive American consumers of information that these same corporations are required to disclose in more than 60 other countries.

A Senate version of HR 1599 is expected to be introduced soon. Although it is unlikely to obtain both Senate passage and presidential approval, how did such a consequential bill pass by a 64 percent majority in the House without much public debate?

If it is not your intent to forfeit rights we currently hold, you must question the ease with which our representatives are willing to do so.

Ann DeLollis, Fresno