Letters to the Editor

Don’t like Clovis dress code? Move

We chose the city of Clovis as a place to raise our children in the late 1960s because we did not like what was going on in the Fresno Unified School District when it came to their education.

Erika Ireland complained in her Aug. 24 letter that she did not agree with the strict dress code at Clovis Unified School District. I say if you don’t like the rules, change your residence. Silly or not, they are rules adopted by the district, which are no different than rules adopted by a business in a world outside of school.

A 20-year-old, who comes to school in pajamas on a liberal university campus, is totally different than a 7-year-old coming to school out of dress code. True, it will make no difference in the learning process, but it makes a strong case for compliance when a child grows up and becomes a breadwinner in a professional world.

Part of engaging children in educational issues is teaching them there are rules/protocol/procedures/guidelines/directions to follow.

You may find the fewer taxes you pay in another school district may not give your child the education you are hoping for.

JoAnn Woodward, Clovis