Letters to the Editor

No hoochie-mama shorts in Clovis Unified

Give me a break about Clovis schools and their dress code (letters Aug. 24 and Aug. 17).

I went to Clark Intermediate and Clovis High schools in the ’70s and guess what, they had the dress code even way back then. I think I, and all the other Cougars, made it out unscathed and into the real world, where guess what else happens? There is a dress code!

If Erika Ireland wants her kids to go to Fresno schools, where the attire can be bathing suit tops, hoochie-mama shorts for girls and gang bang-looking clothes for boys, by all means send your kids to Fresno. In fact, move there and pay taxes to the Fresno schools. No one is stopping her.

For me? I’m perfectly happy with Clovis and its rules.

Lori Miller, Clovis