Letters to the Editor

Trump’s naive on trade

The campaign for Republican presidential nominee has been thrown into turmoil by the entry of real estate mogul Donald Trump. He says that he will make America great again by bringing jobs back from China and Mexico. That is a worthy objective, but he seems to think that it is only a matter of the U.S. being a better trade negotiator. That seems rather naive to me.

The reason manufacturing jobs left the U.S. is no mystery. U.S. manufacturing became non-competitive. How is being a better trade-negotiator going to change that? Mr. Trump is especially critical of Ford Motor Co. for building a new $3.2 billion plant in Mexico. His response would be a 35 percent import duty. So I am supposed to pay 35 percent more for my next F150? I don’t think so.

Manufacturing was driven out of the U.S. by onerous union work rules, Cadillac pensions and medical plans.

Mr. Trump is just entertaining, but being a tougher negotiator is not a plan.

George Powell, Fresno