Letters to the Editor

He likes Trump’s insults

In Ed Miller’s letter “Bad boyfriend,” (Aug. 21) he claimed that Donald Trump insults immigrants, women and news pundits, that he is “bad to the bone” and the only reason so many people support him is because he is outrageous.

If making a true statement about illegal aliens insults them, so be it. As to what he said about news pundit, Megyn Kelly, only a sick mind would take that as an insult to her and women in general. Ms. Kelly’s questions to Mr. Trump in the debate were clearly intended to damage him. She deserved his rebuke.

People support Mr. Trump not because he is outrageous, but rather because they are fed up with the irrationality and tyranny of political correctness and because Mr. Trump is the only credible man on the scene willing to stand-up to PC.

Obie R. Silverwood, Sanger