Letters to the Editor

Trump to Mexican illegals: Shoo!

Donald Trump loves this country and so he plans to make this country great again by getting rid of all the illegals.

He is sympathetic. He will show this by keeping families together by deporting them in family units – even the ones who were born here and are citizens. He will get around that tiny issue by changing the constitution. Then he will then round them up, whole families – millions of them – using all police forces. In one big concentrated effort he will take them to the Mexican border and shoo them through the door that will stay open until they have all been shoved in.

The door would be solidly fenced on both sides, reinforced with razor-sharp barbed wire. The best part would be that Mexico would be footing the bill. Maybe Mexico could spruce up the door, using a red, white and blue theme to brighten and enhance the view as people go marching through.

With Mr. Trump’s plan, it’s no wonder so many people have joined his band or covered wagon down that fiery trail. He’s very reminiscent of another charismatic, bombastic leader who loved to orate in hyperbolic dictates, paving a similar trail.

Beatrice Valenzuela, Fresno