Letters to the Editor

Birth control prevents abortions

How many paid attention July 14 to The Bee’s editorial spelling out the enormous act of stupidity of Republicans working to stop federal spending for birth control for the disadvantaged? The $1 a day it costs vs. the $7 taxpayers pay for the children requiring government support, what foolishness. Not just an individual’s need but our country’s.

Birth control is not death to unborn but safe prevention for women, who may be accidentally or criminally impregnated, from bearing children they can’t support or love. In my mother’s time, the 20s and 30s, women needing help turned to alleyway midwives of sorts with a wire hanger to end unwanted pregnancies, real cruelty for the woman and the unborn.

This is the party that wants no abortions. What do they think they will get with such short-sightedness? Come on Republican women, shut this down. Children with parents who either don’t want them or can’t care for them? What kind of cruelty is that, especially when $1 can possibly prevent it?

Georgia Vercoe, Fresno