Letters to the Editor

Newsom and Native Americans: Letters to the editor, Nov. 8, 2019

On creating Native American Day

So our governor feels good about himself for turning Columbus Day into a Native America Day. He’s is not moving back to Europe, or encouraging other to return to their country of origin. But wants to remove our souther boarder wall and let tens of endless millions of foreigners onto Native American land. Which is not his or mine to give away.

For unknown reasons, some people only feel good when they are giving away others people’s money, and in this case, also other people’s land.

Christian Konior, Fresno

Let the Newsom recall begin

An Oct. 11th Fresno Bee headline read “Newsom voices outrage over outages by PG&E.” Well, Mr. Gavin Newsom, a lot of the hard-working California taxpayers are outraged by your gas tax and clearing criminals who do not belong on the streets ever again.

So go ahead and be "outraged" — some of us who live in California are "outraged" at you.

Let the recall begin. It happened once before and it can happen again to recall the governor.

Pat Rose, Fresno

Trump betrayed our allies, the Kurds

We cannot allow the Turkish government to slaughter the Kurdish people. Trump has betrayed one of our greatest allies in the Middle East. The Kurds have fought alongside our brave military men and women. They have been loyal and courageous partners. It’s wrong to turn our backs on them.

We can no longer bury our heads in the sand. We must take a stand and voice our opinions; we must contact our representatives and let them know how outraged we are over Trump’s decision to withdraw our troops from Syria, so that he can fulfill a campaign promise. He is still making deals with the devil, while we stand by and watch in utter dismay. We all want to bring our troops home safely, but we need a plan that will not destroy everything our brave men and women in uniform, and our courageous allies, have fought hard to attain.

The leaders of Russia, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq are smiling right now, while our loyal allies are weeping and wondering about the trustworthiness of the U.S. president. We, the people of the United States, no longer wonder. We know. Unfortunately, some of us are still in denial.

Diana Facione, Fresno

Journalists need to look in the mirror

“Shepard Smith ended his show…” was the headline news that made some people think, what else Shepard did in his life beside live reporting on TV?

Compare journalists’ achievements with scientists, inventors, servicemen and women, food growers and builders.

Check the scale and see whose input is more crucial for your well being — day to day survival— the inventors who made long-distance traveling a few minutes away … scientists who found a cure for many diseases … universal connectivity established through the internet.

The undeniable fact is, today, people still must eat and need housing to survive — builders and food growers undoubtedly have nonending jobs to do.

When the builder makes mistakes, the structures, bridges, tunnels, dams collapse.

When journalists make mistakes or report innuendoes instead of facts, the structure of the nation collapses.

Why some journalists from day one started putting down a fellow countryman — a famous builder, whose structures erected around the world; created countless jobs and enhanced the quality life of many… why are some politicians screaming “Impeach the president,” despite the fact the country is moving forward with many improvements.

It’s about time each of us looked in the mirror to see self-reflections of who did what for this country and humanity.

Astine Zadourian, Fowler