Letters to the Editor

Dyer and the camera: Letters to the editor, Oct. 30, 2019

Enough of Dyer in front of a camera

I am appalled. Jerry Dyer never met a camera he didn’t like, and he is in front of one at every opportunity so he can to promote himself. While on terminal leave as police chief and running for mayor and with a temporary police chief in his old position, he came in his uniform to be on camera again. The acting police chief could have done the job he is being paid to do. This grandstanding is unethical at the least. It is a shameless display of ego. And then the Bee plasters this shameless display on the front page two Saturdays in a row for additional free advertising.

Dyer should not be mayor of Fresno. He grandstands at every opportunity. He is fluff and no substance. He will effectively run the police department from the mayor’s office. Mayor Brand should be reigning him in and telling him to act like a candidate and not the chief of police.

Then there is that monstrous edifice at the fairgrounds that only feeds the Dyer ego. The only gratification I get is from knowing that it was constructed of scrap metal. Dyer needs to learn humility. Proverbs 16:18.

Jeffrey Barnes, Fresno

What are red-hat supporters to do?

With Donald Trump ignoring the Constitution at will, I wonder what the Republicans in the Senate and those red hats on the street, if they will choose to be a patriot to uphold the Constitution of the United States or follow a party line above all?

Colin Dougherty, Fresno

Using presidency for personal goals

President Donald Trump halted a military aide package to the Ukraine. He then called the president of the Ukraine and implied the military aid was contingent on a favor. The favor was to dig up dirt on his likely opponent in the 2020 election, Joe Biden and his son Hunter. This is a fact and is not in dispute. The White House release of a summary of the transcript clearly contains the President’s crime. The President verbally confirmed his crime Oct. 3 and then asked China to investigate the Bidens. Trump’s extortion is a violation of U.S. law and the president’s oath of office.

The most remarkable and frightening thing is that Trump doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He deals with foreign leaders like he does business — unethically. He had leverage in the form of desperately needed military aide and he used it on Zelensky. He thinks it was a “perfect” phone call because he has no values other than winning.

This is really simple stuff. Donald Trump has used the power of this country for his own personal political benefit. No amount of name calling and character assassination is going to change that. He will be impeached.

Gordon Fake, Fresno

Nunes just a befuddled Trumper

Devin Nunes (Republican, California District 22) asserted, without evidence, that some members of the House Intelligence Committee sought nude pictures of President Trump. Seriously?

Nunes ranted to divert attention from unlawful flouting of constitutional norms and the rule of law by Trump and Rudy Giuliani. Trump blocked U.S. aid to Ukraine and then asked for a “favor.” While shaking down Ukraine to benefit his 2020 campaign, Trump put self-serving objectives ahead of our country. He betrayed our country and his oath of office.

It is acutely embarrassing that apologist Nunes hails from CD 22. While lost in a D.C. beltline fog, he fails to hold town-hall meetings with constituents to address relevant local issues.

Fortunately, we have a better candidate than Nunes. In fact, we have three. Phil Arballo, Bobby Bliatout, and Dary Rezvani really live here, and speak about real CD 22 issues.

I haven’t yet chosen one to support, so I’m supporting all three. These three are far superior to befuddled Nunes.

Carole Greening, Visalia