Letters to the Editor

Pelosi and impeachment: Letters to the editor, Oct. 25, 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco walks with her staff at the conclusion of a House Democratic Caucus meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco walks with her staff at the conclusion of a House Democratic Caucus meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019. AP

Questions the House impeachment

When a savvy politician like Nancy Pelosi, who fought the idea of impeachment for years because she remembered the backlash on the impeaching party when Bill Clinton was impeached, suddenly changed her mind , but was then unwilling to wait one day to read the actual transcript of the call reported on by the so-called “whistleblower,” one wonders what was really going on.

By the way, I thought the House of Representatives had to vote to begin a formal impeachment investigation. So, what did Nancy actually do? And, if someone grants more credibility to a second-hand report, aka “hearsay,” than the unredacted transcript itself, one must question whether “proof”, or truth was being sought.

We all remember how the Democrats stated emphatically of Dr. Ford’s accusations against Judge Cavanauh, “We believe her!” although nothing in her story could be corroborated. We also remember how sincere Diane Feinstein was when she and her colleagues attacked the judge, going back to his high school annuals to find something questionable.

Nancy assured us, that this was not about politics, but rather saving the Constitution. Really? If that was true, where was the presumption of innocence of the accused? We didn’t see that with Judge Cavanauh and we haven’t seen it so far in this “investigation”. Lord help us!

Rodney Nidever, Fresno

Likes Janz for mayor on merits

I had the great pleasure of meeting with mayoral candidate Andrew Janz recently about the need for a dedicated Senior Activity Center in the city of Fresno. He was well aware of the need and focused immediately on public and political constituencies and supporters, on steps not taken by the current administration, on steps that can be taken before the election, and on specific plans for what would be done under his administration.

He’s whip smart, extremely energetic, focused and insightful. Our group was just one of dozens of small groups he’s been meeting with these past weeks. His is a quiet but very active constituent-level campaign. No question who’ll be getting my vote.

Jeffrey K. Hallock, Fresno

Whistleblower comes to the rescue

We would like to applaud Adm. Whistleblower, a true patriot, for sailing to the rescue of our country aboard the U.S.S. Constitution. We were worried that “Old Glory” was being replaced by the “Jolly Roger” as Capt.Trump and his band of pirates had scuttled our Ship of State.

It’s high time for Long Don Silver and his motley crew to walk the plank.

Frank and Patti Helling, Fresno

Beware the dreaded mud hole

On the corner on Inyo St. and Van Ness Ave., there is a mud hole. It’s a small, foot-sized sinkhole that is strangely filled with muddy water year-round.

On three separate occasions, I’ve had friends visiting from out of town, and each one has completely submerged one their shoes into this pit of sludge. Each time it happens, my mud hole sixth sense will kick in to tell me that I am forgetting something and, as we approach the corner, the thought will come to me as their shoe is beginning the swan dive of doom into the bog — and, by then, it’s too late.

I’ve considered driving downtown with a small bag of potting soil to fix this hole — you know, to be a good citizen and all. But another part of me kind of just wants to see the world burn.

I am writing this primarily to let those of you who have contracted the dreaded mud-foot know: you are not alone.

Jordan Mattox, Fresno