Letters to the Editor

Paying athletes: Letters to the editor, Oct. 16, 2019

In this July photo, Allyson Felix holds her daughter Camryn after running the women’s 400-meter dash final at the U.S. Championships athletics meet in Des Moines, Iowa.
In this July photo, Allyson Felix holds her daughter Camryn after running the women’s 400-meter dash final at the U.S. Championships athletics meet in Des Moines, Iowa. AP file

Decision sells athletes’ souls

California votes to approve paying college athletes. So much for Title IX. Only the very top athletes benefit from scholarships and also from this bill. But they are already getting paid; it is called a full five-year scholarship. One year at USC is about 58k, Stanford 69k. Sounds like good pay to me. Five years would be between 290k and 345k.

Hmm, you say. Let’s have the athletes that receive these paid endorsements forfeit their scholarships and let Nike, Coke or whoever pick up the cost of their education; they should have some skin in the game, right?

Haven’t we already ruined the Olympics by allowing professional athletes to participate? Now we will let our top college athletes sell their soul to the company store. All college needs now are more Antonio Brown.

Maybe we could soon run Newsom out of town on the high speed rail. Better yet, I will leave town long before HSR.

Dennis Belfiore, Madera

Let police officers earn trust

Do police officers make you feel safe or in danger?

With all the news coverage of police brutality, the most common answer is people and the communities don’t feel safe in the hands of law enforcement. Many go as far as to believe officers abuse their own power in the field.

I recently came across a research by Erin M. Kearns, titled “Why Are Some Officers More Supportive of Community Policing with Minorities than Others?” Police officers are more supportive of community policing with white communities due to the fact that they too fear for their safety among minorities. Officers also perceived a great social distance among their communities.

The reality is that police officers cannot do their jobs of protecting their communities when that same community doesn’t trust their officers. It’s time to pull aside from all the negative media coverage of officers and give our local officers a chance to prove that they are here to ensure our safety.

Community policing needs to be enforced, our local police department need to engage in community events and gain the public’s trust again. Not all cops are bad guys and it’s time others realize that.

Larissa Rodriguez, Fresno

On shame, speaking out against Trump

It’s Victor Hansen’s turn to toothily smile at us from an opinion piece in The Bee (Sept. 22). He suggests that “the degree of hatred” presently felt toward Trump is due to the “critics detest his unorthodox and combative ...style; his unfettered assertions,” rather on the order of disliking modern comedians who use the ‘F’ word every other utterance – boring but harmless.

No, I hate Trump because he has made me so ashamed to be an American. Trump’s failures are not those of grammar; they are profound moral failings:

▪ Letters to drastically ill children’s families telling them they had a few days to get out of town. Humans without a heart, a head, or any other human emotion wrote those.

▪ An unnamed something gives orders to ICE to put small children in cages and send their adult caretaker ... somewhere ... no record keeping, no capacity to correct a basically uncorrectable evil act.

I feel I am like the millions of Germans who could not-did not effectively speak out against Hitler. How can I usefully say, “No, a million times no”? And don’t tell me, “Wait until the next election!” What can I do?

Sylvia Woodburne, Fresno

Fully report on abortion group

The Bee recently posted an article citing research from the Guttmacher Institute related to the apparent reduced numbers of abortions being performed now in California.

If one didn't know otherwise, Guttmacher appears to be a non-biased, impartial spokesman for reproductive statistics. On the contrary, Guttmacher's website states that it "tracks abortion-related legislation and policies at the federal and state level, promoting access to abortion services and making an evidence-based case against restrictions that limit access."

Guttmacher is complicit in the generation of information aligned with promoting Planned Parenthood and abortion services. Wouldn't The Bee article have been fairer and generally more honest if it had indicated the relationship between Planned Parenthood and Guttmacher? In the interest of fair and honest reporting, I believe so.

Barry W. Byers, Reedly