Letters to the Editor

Honoring the memory of 9/11: Letters to the editor, Oct. 9, 2019

Honor guard members from Cal Fire and the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office carry a wreath honoring the New York City Fire Department during the remembrance service at the California 9/11 Memorial, Sept. 11, 2019.
Honor guard members from Cal Fire and the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office carry a wreath honoring the New York City Fire Department during the remembrance service at the California 9/11 Memorial, Sept. 11, 2019. Fresno Bee file

Always remember, never forget 9/11

On behalf of the California 9/11 Memorial we are so grateful for our community and the outpouring of support. On this 18th anniversary of these tragic events, we had more visitors to the memorial than in the past several years combined. This year we had a record attendance of well over 2,000 community members in the morning and over 1,000 for the One Day-One Voice event that afternoon. Thank you to the Fresno County superintendent of schools for partnering with us this year and creating this spectacular musical collaboration between multiple school choirs and the Sounds of Freedom Band.

The California 9/11 Memorial recently underwent a $500,000, privately funded expansion project. A very special thank you to the entire construction team. Reno Coletti and Donnie Pardo were the onsite project managers, overseeing local contractors like Robinson Pools, ArcTech, Donnelly Designs, Landscape Connection, CenCal Demolition, Granite Mountain Stone, ProPatio and so many others who donated time and materials. Since the unveiling, the memorial has had hundreds of visitors leaving flowers and personal mementos.

Thank you to all the media for your support as well as founding donors in supporting our passion to honor, educate and remember first responders.

The memorial, at 3500 Never Forget Lane in Clovis, is open to the public year-round and free of charge. Please mark your calendar for Sept. 11, 2020 for next year’s event. If you would like more information on the founding donor orogram please visit our website www.california911memorial.com or contact us at (559) 346-1400.

Jerry Cook, chairman, the California 9/11 Memorial

Abortion always a woman’s decision

Children should not be forced to bear children against their will. That’s a no brainer. Apparently students Michelle Ferrer Alvarez and Jessica Manzo disagreed in separate articles in The Bee.

Ms. Alvarez believes schools should not help teenagers obtain confidential reproductive health care. She would prefer forced parental notification, enabling parents to intimidate and force a pregnant 12-year-old girl to bear a child against her will.

She opines about ethics, but not whether it’s “ethical” to force a 13-year-old body to go through childbirth.

Really, anti-abortion means forced child birth.

Ms. Manzo wants to prohibit university clinics from providing the abortion pill. She falsely states university clinics would not report sexual assault to police. Untruths do not enhance her arguments. Criticism of schools is a ruse to mask her desire to ban all abortions.

Ms. Manzo pretends her repressive viewpoint is all about helping women. Forcing women to bear a rapist’s child is not helping.

Gloria Steinem wrote, “Women are the ultimate means of production, because they are the means of reproduction.” Repressive governments and societies force women to bear babies, to fuel their war machine and to provide plenty low wage workers. On the same page, The Bee showed a climate change rally sign reading, ”Destroy the patriarchy, not the planet.”

If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one. And, leave the rest of us alone.

Susan Janoko, Porterville

Glad to see Newsom veto water bill

Gov. Newsom has done a great thing for all California water users by agreeing to veto Senate Bill 1. His veto will allow the voluntary agreements on water to continue to move forward and have a chance at being finalized, ushering in a new era of water management for our state. These agreements will be the result of cooperation among water users throughout California and would allow us to make future decisions collaboratively rather than the nonstop lawsuits that have been the hallmark of water policy for decades.

Let’s retire the phrase “water is for fighting” and move forward together to do what’s best for farms, cities, rural areas and the environment.

Bill Diedrich, Firebaugh