Letters to the Editor

Trump AWOL on climate: Letters to the editor, Sept. 13, 2019

Business solutions not best right now

I find it quite interesting in how the G7 Summit went down recently. The highlight that caught my mind was our President Donald Trump missing from the table during the “climate change” discussion.

As we already know, Trump tends to have great disbelief in the scientific truth that we as a whole population have been increasing the temperature of our planet pretty drastically. The most entertaining part of it all is how clear it is that Trump was, and usually is, only interested in the economical portions of these meetings, as his focus was mainly to justify the steel and aluminum tariffs set in place, while also insulting one of our biggest allies, Canada and it’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau after he announced they would put tariffs in place to counter the steel and aluminum tariffs Trump had issued.

This statement seemed to rub Trump the wrong way as he took to twitter to call Trudeau “Very dishonest and weak.” This to me just proves that he is first and foremost a businessman at heart and right now the world needs solutions to our crises, not money.

Josiah Kelley, Clovis

Abortion decision a woman’s to make

For those considering restricting access to abortion, it is generally accepted that exclusions are to be made in the case of pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. However, in discussions of this matter, less often brought up are cases where the health of the mother is a concern, and even less often brought up are cases where serious defect or viability of the fetus is involved.

Maternity care with today’s medical advances routinely includes one or more sonograms or ultrasounds to follow the developing fetus. Indeed, a physician would be remiss or guilty of malpractice if such examinations were not performed.

While some defects can be treated while the fetus is still in the womb, or preparations made for treatment after the birth, some conditions inherently preclude survival and could lead to a short, painful life resulting in death of the fetus. The decision to carry such a pregnancy to term should be left to the woman, whose health is most seriously impacted. These difficult decisions should not be left to outsiders.

Because there are so many variables that affect the decision-making involved, the Supreme Court ruling in Roe vs. Wade, in effect since 1973, should not be overturned.

Linda Munoz, Clovis

Fresno needs alternative to PG&E

I was pleased to read the recent article, “Want to save money on your power bill? Fresno councilmember wants to go around PG&E.” (The Bee, Aug. 26) In April, I wrote in regards to our elected leaders not taking Community Choice Energy in a serious manner. We are finishing the summer season, and as a person who suffers from health problems, including valley fever, I need to maintain a comfortable temperature in my home.

I applaud Councilmember (Luis) Chavez for leading the effort in Community Choice Energy as an alternative energy provider. Our energy bills have become unaffordable. With constant requests for higher energy rate increases and the combination of water and sewage rate increases, it is near impossible for people to make ends meet.

We also have planned power outages to worry about along with unplanned, and there is no plan for seniors like me with medical needs. The responsibility falls again to the ratepayer to buy a costly diesel-polluting generator with no assistance. I hope this encourages my District 3 and other councilmembers to pursue Community Choice seriously. We the people are the ones who directly suffer from these rate increases and need to look at real solutions for our community.

Jimmie Rodriguez, Fresno

Justice must prevail in Comey case

Today the headline showed, “IG Report finds Comey violated FBI policies; DOJ declines prosecution”

Many Americans think Jim Comey is a thief. (Webster’s dictionary states — a person who steals, specially secretly, he takes the goods or the property of another by stealth, without the latter’s knowledge, like a thief in the night … and makes away with things of value, even at the cost of violence.”)

Comey took the government’s property — documents — home and put them in his safe. Then he took them to his friend at The New York Times, hoping to open a door for a special council to investigate the president. How much did it cost American taxpayers?

How much money did Robert Muller make as special prosecutor ?

Comey is full of himself. Why? Because he was top investigator who thought he is above the law. He must learn that even with his 6 feet 8 inches height, he is still too short to become the self-promoting ruler of this great nation.

A person could end up in federal prison organizing the same prohibited acts. Americans are certain that justice will prevail.

Astine Zadourian, Fowler