Letters to the Editor

Fresno PD chief: Letters to the editor, Sept.10, 2019

PD chief search ends up as a big bust

I am very disappointed in the appointment of Deputy Chief (Andy) Hall to the position of chief of police; not because I don’t think he will do a good job, but because he is already scheduled to retire in 2021. All this appointment will do is spike his pension at considerable cost to the Fresno taxpayers.

Moreover, the nationwide search, candidates for which were solicited by paid consultants at a cost of many tens of thousands of dollars born by Fresno’s taxpayers, was rejected by Mayor Brand, who I thought was a fiscal conservative. What he has done has proven he just as liberal with the taxpayer’s pocketbook as the folks in Sacramento and elsewhere that seem to believe that working people can be squeezed with impunity.

I also feel sorry for all of the candidates who submitted applications in the belief the city would be above board and hire someone from the pool of applicants. Instead, each of them has been insulted. Frankly, no one in their right mind will now consider applying for a position in Fresno because the mayor and his cronies “done wrong“ in not selecting someone who wanted the job.

It is a sad day for Fresno.

David Paul Davenport, Fresno

Body cameras for all PD officers

In regard to the article published concerning the Fresno PD using excessive force in apprehending a suspect (The Bee, Aug. 22): This injustice to that teenage boy was undeserved and just proves that all police officers should be required to wear body cams and always have them on. The video shows that (London) Wallace was being cautious and moving slow not outright defying the officers. He never used force against Officer (Christopher) Martinez and yet Martinez felt it necessary to attack him and use aggressive force. Behavior like this is not acceptable and Martinez should be thoroughly punished.

The use of this force was unnecessary and was proven to be when the apartment was searched, and no weapons or drugs were found.

It is disheartening that in our community this kind of behavior is expected and overlooked. Wallace deserves justice and we as a community should not turn away from this unfortunate incident and instead stand take a voice for Wallace.

It is a sad day for Fresno.

Alicia Beltran, Madera

CVS’ op-ed nothing more than a sham

Troyen Brennan’s opinion piece headlined “CVS cares about patient care” (The Bee, Aug. 24) is a feeble attempt by a megacorporation to cover up its gross negligence when it comes to providing needed cancer drugs in a timely manner.

Dr. Brennan calls himself chief medical officer for CVS health, but a better description would be apologist-in-chief. His article obfuscates the main issues and fails to mention critical facts covered in Carmen George’s excellent article about Norma Smith, “Cancer patients being denied drugs” (The Bee, Aug. 2).

Writing about pharmacy benefit managers, Brennan claims PBMs are needed “to increase patients’ access to high-quality, cost-effective medicines.” In reality, PBMs are a device for saving money for pharmacies and insurance companies, which are increasingly linked financially through cross ownership, and some even have kick-back arrangements.

CVS is not in business to provide health care — it is in business to make as much money as possible, however that can be accomplished. Unfortunately for us, the insurance companies and big pharmacy chains often find it cheaper to let the patient die than to pay for appropriate care. They accomplish this by creating lengthy and unnecessary delays in getting needed drugs. Such delays can be fatal. According to Ms. George’s very thorough article, Mrs. Smith nearly died because of CVS’s unconscionable delays.

This is yet another example of how health care for profit does not deliver the best health care available. The incentives are all backwards.

Gerry Bill, Fresno

Offended by the liberals’ God switch

The word of the times: Offended.

Well I am offended by the liberals, especially the California variety. The California Attorney General, Mr. Becerra, and Gov. A.E. Newman, supporting the children of illegal immigrants, said “They are all children of God.” This is true, but what offends me is how the liberals use God at their convenience. They will use it now, to apply the guilt, but not in our schools, sport events or other public events. Oh no, that would be an outrage.

The aborted children at Planned Parenthood (according to them) are not children of God, they are just tissue.

God is not a light switch. Liberals keep the switch off and just flick it on for a photo session or a news item. If you are a liberal, and a Christian, you need to really think about things.

Bill Hoffrage, Madera