Letters to the Editor

Bring back Austin Tice: Letters to the editor, Aug. 30, 2019

Austin Tice, a freelance journalist for McClatchy and other news outlets, has vanished in Syria. Tice was last heard from in mid-August.
Austin Tice, a freelance journalist for McClatchy and other news outlets, has vanished in Syria. Tice was last heard from in mid-August. MCT

Hoping Melania can help in Tice case

The family of Austin Tice want him brought home from Syria where he has been kept in silence for almost seven years (The Bee, Aug. 11). Can Mrs. Trump use her influence to bring him home as she did for A$AP Rocky?

It appears to me that journalism for the truth should also hold importance; a life is a life, after all.

Go to: AskAboutAustinTice.org and appeal to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and your congressman for Austin’s safe return.

Diane Woody, Fresno

Slatic should resign from board

Since Terry Slatic was elected to the FUSD school board he has been nothing but a nightmare and embarrassment.

Costing FUSD over a hundred thousand dollars that could have been be spent on improving services to the schools he was elected to serve. Mr. Slatic, do the community a favor and resign now before your actions create more problems and expense. This is not a good job fit for you.

Marsha Conant, Fresno

Check out Slatic’s fitness reports

Although there’s no way that we can realistically expect to see them, it would be interesting to see (Terry) Slatic’s Marine Corps fitness reports. I strongly suspect we would see accounts of behavior similar to what FUSD has had to put up with since last year. If that is the case, then it could very well explain why Mr. Slatic is no longer in the Marines. Sub-par fitness reports generally mean being passed over for promotion.

Despite its rough, tough reputation, the USMC is an organization like any other; to prosper, an individual needs to be able to work productively with others in the unit. It could very well be that Slatic was no more able to get along in the Corps than at FUSD, and after being passed over, was shown the door.

Sadly, that doesn’t appear to be an option in this case.

Reilly Rix, Fresno

Upset over column about Dyer

This is in response to the recent column by Marek Warszawski (Aug. 6, The Bee). I am at friend of Jerry Dyer’s and fellow Christian. I am taken aback by the article regarding Chief Dyer’s Christianity.

If it was written about another group in the same manner, it would be viewed as a hate article. Christians are a big target, and there seems to be no room in Mr. Warszawski’s view for these views. Press and media continue to report the graphic detail of the evil in the world and criticize and condemn views that some of us (not Mr. W) consider good.

I hope that Christians will come together and condemn this kind of one-way journalism. Cancel my Bee subscription.

Ren Imai, Reedley

Follow the money from the NRA

To all fellow citizens: If your public representatives receive PAC or monetary contributions from the NRA, do not vote for them in future elections.

Wilfred Laemmlen, Sanger