Letters to the Editor

Slatic the Marine: Letters to the editor, Aug. 28, 2019

Fresno Unified School District Trustee Terry Slatic listens as many spoke against him at the school board meeting held Thursday, July 18.
Fresno Unified School District Trustee Terry Slatic listens as many spoke against him at the school board meeting held Thursday, July 18. Fresno Bee file

Slatic the Marine should be at ease

Mr. Slatic’s problem is that he cannot accept the fact that he is no longer a Marine. So stop acting like one.

Donald Bradford, Fresno

Only solution to Slatic is recall

Terry Slatic does not care about the censure or the anger-management program he is required to complete, because Slatic is following the “good” examples of Donald Trump. Slatic never acknowledges a mistake because he believes he does not makes mistakes. He thinks the press, the school board and Slatic’s enemies have exaggerated or lied about his behavior.

Just like Trump was elected to Make America Great Again, Slatic was elected to the board to change it and to make the Fresno Unified School District great again. So please, do not continue wasting money investigating him. Just recall him.

Enrique E. Bruque, Fresno

White-washing ethnic studies

Just a metaphorical observation, but Dan (Walters) teeters on a Fox-like trend, not unlike, Fox’s Tucker Carlson’s from a standpoint of a historical attitude of a century of whites in denial.

Dan’s typical premise is, as a country, we academically have never been on a white’s studies binge, so all these ethnic studies legislative models are illegitimate, phony and dangerous release of fake facts a la Trump-like slurs.

All the national social entities affected as a critique, in an academic presentation to high school students somehow matter not, not legit, as reality for the intellectual consumption for tender ears.... much redacting needs to done to this .... bomb.

His fear is, Assembly Bill 331 mIght lead to a truth telling historical story that will give high school students the ability to turn the rock over and shine light .

My muse is, targeted students would handle the issue and content of the bill much better than Mr. Walters.

Jess Sanchez Barroso, Fresno

Blaming an inanimate object

I read the recent article about comments by City Councilman Gary Bredefeld regarding gun laws. I couldn’t agree with him more, he was right on.

Some individuals do not take the responsibility for the family unit and just walk away when things get tough. They have voted to remove God and prayer from our schools; voted to weaken criminal laws and consequences of those violating the rights and property of others; foster disrespect of the flag of our country and what it represents. Today’s culture is turning their backs on those who are tasked with enforcing the laws of the land, disrespecting authority on all levels.

Now that they have voted away the traditional values and moral fiber of our society, they once again remove themselves from the responsibility of their actions, and want to place the blame for the outcome on an inanimate object, the gun.

Gerald T. Fountain, Coalinga

Thanks Fiala for his recent viewpoint

I just wanted to commend Andrew Fiala for his recent column in the Sunday Bee. It was a simple recipe for reducing violence. It was a very level headed look at the problem. And I believe one of his most on-point articles.

Hal Harmon, Hanford