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Mass shootings and guns: Letters to the editor, Aug. 9, 2019

A woman wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat argues with people opposed to President Donald Trump’s visit on Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019, at the makeshift memorial for the victims of the mass shooting on Saturday at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas.
A woman wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat argues with people opposed to President Donald Trump’s visit on Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019, at the makeshift memorial for the victims of the mass shooting on Saturday at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas. NYT

Start TV channel called ‘Hate’?

I have recently come to the conclusion, given the number of mass shootings across the country, that a new brand of cable television should be considered. Create a new cable channel, specifically for broadcasting what has now become a regular occurrence of home-grown terrorism, gun violence and hate crimes in general.

Sponsorship shouldn’t be difficult for a 24/7 airing, with all the gun manufacturers, hate groups, the NRA, and hypocritical religious groups, who would likely and readily step forward for such a channel. What better way to get their brand of thinking sent nationwide.

The really good part of this, is that people who are fed up with having to watch daily this disgusting American dystopia, would be freed to watch other, more palatable news on the remaining news channels. Also, producers wouldn’t be limited to call signs KNRA or KGUN, but could explore all sorts of enticing names like the “Hate” Channel or “My Superiority” Channel.

Just a suggestion from someone who is at the end of their road over having to cope, year in and year out, with this evil nonsense, for all these many years with no legislative remedies in sight.

R.W. Arnold, Fresno

Is our society free or captive?

Another mass shooting in Texas on top of the Gilroy and Mississippi victims. Just another ho-hum week in America.

On the radio I heard a gun expert opining on how ordinary people can keep themselves safe in these situations. Always, he said, survey your surroundings and know where the exits are and where you could get behind something to shield yourself. So, any time any of us ventures out to a store, a mall, a theater or community gathering, we need to be calculating how to save ourselves from a shooter. We must become a society living always in fear of potential gun violence.

Is this a free society? The NRA, stoking unfounded fear of government overreach and promoting the idea that any gun regulation will begin the slippery slope to banning all guns, has stolen our freedom. None if us, not me walking my dog, you going to a concert, or the policeman stopping a speeder, is safe because of the easy accessibility of guns all over America.

Wake up people, and smell the gun smoke! We need sensible regulations for registering and regulating the sale of firearms and the banning of military-style weapons now.

Jonica Bushman, Fresno

Making threats a serious crime

It’s pretty easy to end gun violence. Simply pass a nationwide law against making threats. And give the law severe, non-negotiable penalties for violations.

The USA has a long and decrepit history of solving problems or slights with violence. We accept this policy as a first option in foreign diplomacy. Most mass shooters make threats before the rampage. And no wonder they are confused, given our worship of violence. But when shooting moves beyond the confines of a video screen, we have a real problem.

Make threats a serious crime, confiscate the guns and incarcerate the perpetrator.

Steve Faukner, Fresno

Answer: Modify the 2nd Amendment

Tell your representatives we need to modify the Second Amendment to reflect modern culture.

I urge all Americans to read “The Second Amendment: A Biography,” to better understand the context of this amendment to the Constitution. The NRA and gun-manufacturing lobby, along with Justice Scalia, have horribly corrupted its intent.

“God, Guns and Guts Made America: Let’s Keep All Three” was a bumper sticker I noticed as a kid in the 1970s. It seems that “guns” have usurped even God in our culture. The worship of guns and the Second Amendment is so warped that I wouldn’t be surprised to see Republican campaign posters with Jesus brandishing an AK-47.

During the drafting of the constitution in Philadelphia we did not have a standing army. We now have a peacetime military, so militias are obsolete. The crafters of the Constitution did not include language regarding self-defense or hunting because it was never something being debated. The way to overthrow a tyrannical U.S. government, like the one we have in the White House and the Senate, is to vote them out, not shoot them out.

For the health and safety of the country, we must modify the Second Amendment.

Patrick Macmillan, Fresno

Guns are inanimate objects

I’m so glad the gun-confiscation crowd has clarified it for me! Silly me, I had actually thought that being fat was my fault; now I know better, it was the fault of my fork! Now I know that those recent local DUI deaths were the fault of the cars — cars driving drunk!

Progressives must believe that guns hypnotize people into doing evil. The liberal rationale is always the gun made me do it!

Maybe we should ask why so few of our ancestors were shooting one another when guns could be bought as easily as a meal at a restaurant. Were guns really nicer 70 or a 100 years ago? No, people were! Guns are just tools. They are inanimate objects made of metal and wood. Guns don’t kill people; mentally unstable, twisted and perverted people kill people.

What causes these monstrous people to react so violently? Why are they so malleable? We have lost our spiritual moorings, the guardrails of society; we are living apart from God. Government is not the solution. Contrary to popular progressive opinions, government is not a substitute for God and parents.

T.C. Morgan, Fresno

Face facts on rampant gun deaths

I am extremely disappointed by our president's response to two mass shootings in as many days. In his response he completely avoided any mention of guns as part of the problem in America's more and more commonplace mass shootings. I am tired of hearing that not guns, but people using guns for violence, is the problem. The problem is a combination of hater people and the ease with which any person can obtain a firearm.

President Trump does nothing to address either problem. In fact he incites hate and refuses to acknowledge that we need stricter gun laws in this country

Certainly we need better mental health services, and traditionally it is the Democratic Party who fight for such services. However, the mentally ill are more likely to be victims of violence than they are to be perpetrators. I feel that there is a rising tide of Americans who are frustrated and furious that America has fewer gun laws and extremely more gun deaths than any other nation in the world not currently at war. The figures are astounding, and yet many of our leaders refuse to face the obvious facts. Consider this the next time you vote.

Glena Penner, Reedley

Pressure the Senate for reform

Last weekend I was in Washington, D.C. meeting with 2,000 volunteer leaders from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense to learn more about preventing gun violence in our community. We were together when we heard about yet another shooting, this time in El Paso, Texas. One more community, following on the heels of the Gilroy Garlic Festival, has been traumatized by gun violence. I had not even made it back to Fresno before news of the Dayton, Ohio tragedy hit.

We must act. There is so much we can do, including persuading U.S. senators to join the House of Representatives in passing legislation requiring background checks on all gun sales and elimination of loopholes.

Join Moms to help end these preventable tragedies. California senators already support this work, but our volunteers in other states need help to ensure their senators vote for this common-sense legislation. Text READY to 644-33 and be part of the solution.

Diane Schoenburg, Fresno