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Trump and white nationalism: Letters to the editor, Aug. 7, 2019

President Donald Trump during a recent event to announce new sanctions aimed at the socialist government of Venezuela.
President Donald Trump during a recent event to announce new sanctions aimed at the socialist government of Venezuela. TNS

Trump and white nationalism

It was a week after the 2008 presidential election, Barack Obama had just ran a campaign of positivity, winning the popular vote decisively, but was still two months from taking office. My U.S. Postal Service deliveryman (long gone) casually said to me that in the next election we would need to elect a “Klansman” to bring things back to normal. Of course I was shocked and taken aback, but still felt he was just a kook and not generally indicative.

In hindsight, that was the first sign of a narrative that Obama was the president for black America alone. Ironically, another argument was being propagated at the same time that Obama’s election was proof that America’s racist past was over and the need for voting rights and other racial protections were no longer necessary.

Then a TV personality named Donald Trump began claiming the president was born in Kenya and was not an American. Still, I thought he was just a kook and not generally indicative.

So here we are today, the third year of the presidency of Donald Trump, and neo-Nazi and white supremacist website The Daily Stormer said “this is the kind of white nationalism we elected him for.”

Don Smith, Fresno

Why not clean up Blackstone?

Well, Mr. Chief, Mr. Mayor....where have you been for the last 20 years. Let me bring you up to speed with my own experiences. Solicitation by prostitutes ... homicide suspect at the Motel 6 on Ashlan .... and again recently. Open drug dealing on Dakota and Griffith. Legitimate business owners anticipating leaving. DUI suspects striking gas pumps..It goes on and on. Oh, and two weeks ago I had a knife pulled on me in the course of a petty theft. Oh yes, I forgot the purse snatch at Griffith and Blackstone.

This main corridor has turned into a major black eye for the city of Fresno and no one seems to care. Gangs and auto theft garner all the headlines. Sad at best.

Greg Ellis, Fresno

Fond memories of Gaylen Lee

Thank you for your touching article regarding the death of Gaylen Lee. His death united our entire community in the same manner that he united us during his life. He will be remembered.

David Hopelain, North Fork

Cost of Medicare for all is huge

Medicare-For-All: I’ve been reading about this ever sinc Bernie Sanders started advocating for this. There was an article in The Bee a little while ago supporting it by saying that the system was already in place and functioning very well and every working person was already paying into system.

What nobody, including The Bee, talks about is the fact that “every working person is already paying into the system,” but it’s barely paying for the people presently covered; those over 65 and certain people on disability. How much would your payroll deduction for Medicare go up it had to cover every person under 65; there 327,000,000 people in the U.S., and 48,000,000 are over 65; or 6.8 times as many people as are presently covered by Medicare!

Does that mean every working person’s Medicare deduction would go up 6.8 times what it is today? So, today’s Medicare deduction is 6.2% from the employees’ pay and the employees’ company matches it. So using the 6.8 times to cover all the people under 65 would raise the employee deduction to 42.2% of his (or her) paycheck!

Wish those Medicare-for-all would explain how much it going to cost.

Jim King, Visalia