Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor for Friday, June 28, 2019

Will those who don’t have student loans be paid back?

By no means do I endorse Bernie Sanders’ “revolutionary” bill to cancel all student loan debt in the country, but to be “fair,” it should also include restitution of all amounts of college tuition paid by students and parents who didn’t borrow, shouldn’t it? Otherwise, it operates as a windfall to students and parents who borrowed money and a penalty to those who did not.

If we had known that our son would be given a “free” college education by taking out students loans, now to be wiped out under Mr. Sanders’ proposal, we would have been much better off not to have saved and paid for his education and used the money for something else. It is only fair, under the Sanders proposal, that the government now pay those monies back to us.

Lynne Thaxter Brown, Fresno

Care for animals that care for you

One June 18 article caught my eye that absolutely devastated me: “Police rescue 15 dogs from abandoned home covered in feces, trash. Dead cats found,” by Brianna Calix. This was one of the saddest news this month but yet gives me hope that we can crack down more cases like this for the sake of animals and their loving souls. I thank the police greatly for this massive find; it is very brave to go in such an invested and unsanitary house like that. Along with that, the SPCA truly came at the best time to help these dogs and cats, their assistance is more than helpful.

Dogs and cats are both man’s best friends. It is overall so sad to see someone not care for an animal that gives you unconditional love and kisses. Let us all appreciate the furry friends we call family in our household. Cherish the good moments and sad moments with them and give them the best life in your lifetime, they deserve that much from us. And let’s pray for the passing of the several cats in that house. May they rest in peace.

Alyssa Tiznado, Fresno

It’s time to invest in our climate future

As a veteran and son of one I feel that addressing climate change is extremely patriotic. A 2010 Department of Defense report states, “climate change, energy security, and economic stability are inextricably linked.” A 2014 DOD report names climate change “a threat multiplier” magnifying “poverty, environmental degradation, political instability, and social tensions, factors requiring military interventions worldwide. The Syrian Civil War is a perfect example. A severe drought caused a million farmers to move to cities with few resources to help; 600,000 deaths and counting. Many Central Americans are coming our way, not only because of violence but severe drought making farming impossible.

Every year in the U.S. we hear we’ve had the worst hurricane season, historic droughts, most destructive rains, flooding, and longest tornado seasons. We all pay for these events whether they affect us directly or indirectly. All of these natural events cause severe damage to our military bases and infrastructure. We have gone to the moon several times. Why let our adversaries dominate renewable energies technology? Let’s invest on U.S. security and the future of our children now!

Mario Reposo, Fresno

Recognizing great work by Sheriff’s Department

I would like to commend the Fresno Sheriff’s Department for courtesy and customer service regarding accommodating a transportation issue to a rehabilitation facility. I had spent over a month trying to resolve an issue and upon contact with the department, Deputy Mike Hanlin immediately took action to resolve the transportation issue. (County facilities not transporting between counties for rehabilitation facilities.) He was resilient in addressing the issue until it was resolved. In addition, I witnessed several encounters by the deputies with the public in the lobby. They were very attentive and courteous to the public, addressing their needs, explaining various processes, visiting times, utilization of machines for commissary, etc. They maintained professionalism in all encounters and were very patient and kind. I am very grateful for the administration and for deputies like Mike Hanlin who are caring and professional role models. Fresno County surely had a wonderful Sheriff’s Department. Thank you!

Rachel Ortega, Selma