Letters to the Editor

Leave Uber, Lyft drivers alone: Letters to the editor, June 25, 2019


Leave ride-share drivers alone

I am concerned that our state legislators may turn ride-share drivers like me into employees instead of independent contractors. I have been driving with Lyft since April and it has been a lifesaver. I am a single mother of an autistic, 7-year-old daughter and working has been so helpful not only with paying the bills and taking care of my little girl, but the fact that I am available to her whenever she needs me. I can log in and log out whenever I need to, and I’m not forced to work a set schedule.

I also love driving with Lyft because I get to meet new people and go new places in Fresno and California.

I hope our state legislators keep the voices of real ride-share drivers like me in mind and keep us as independent contractors so we continue to have the flexibility to set our own schedules.

Kimberly Hutchinson, Clovis

Key Fresno phone line not working

This morning in leaving my home, I observed a person pushing a shopping cart loaded with recyclables, looking into backyards and parked cars. So, I dialed the non-emergency FPD number. 621-7000. So after 30 minutes of the announcement loop, I reached for the spare cell phone and dialed 911. The dispatcher hung up on me. Not an emergency, call the non-emergency line which, was still looping the silly announcement.

I encounter a motor cop giving out a ticket. I stopped, told him what I observed, held the non-emergency cell up, which was still looping the recording. He laughed. They might answer in 200 years, was his response. Non-emergency number still cycling that silly recording.

So, Fresno being what Fresno is, we are basically on our own now. Unless you are politically connected or live on Van Ness Extension. I came home, where I viewed more ranch property online in Texas, Idaho and Montana. Sure, looks good! Meanwhile, 2 ½ hours later the non–emergency is still looping that stupid recording.

I put the charger on that phone just to see how long it takes before it is answered. Maybe in 200 years? Non-emergency still looping that stupid announcement.

Rusty Macintosh, Fresno

“Help Fresno” idea needs more work

This feels like a good idea being lazily executed. The “Help Us, Help Fresno” proposal is definitely stepping in the right direction, but we’re fooling ourselves if we think this will remove any percentage of panhandling from the streets. The initial idea of police ordering panhandlers to stay out of traffic needs to be implemented as well; not only is it annoying to deal with, but also dangerous.

If we’re continuing to be honest with ourselves, let’s make it clear that there would also need to be fundraisers; most people won’t feel motivated to donate just from looking at a sign on the street.

“Help Us, Help Fresno” only supports charities and shelters — how many of the homeless population are even there? The drug epidemic needs to be focused on as well if we’re so worried about the homeless. If I recall correctly, the worst thing that offenders will get for possession is a fine. These offenders should be immediately transported to the shelter and have their drugs confiscated. If this were implemented, perhaps more Fresnans would be more likely to donate to “Help Us, Help Fresno”, as I’m sure I’m not the only one perplexed by this concept.

Drew A. Martinez, Fresno