Letters to the Editor

Seeing bipartisanship on climate change: Letters to the editor, June 23

AOC doesn’t understand concentration camp

Dachau in Germany was the first “concentration camp” set up by the Nazis in 1933. They were for political prisoners. They were not for immigrants, legal or illegal, but forced labor camps. They stripped prisoners of their clothes and other possessions to be used by the Nazis. The prisoners were starved and later killed by guns, gas or ovens.

Later was Auschwitz in 1939 for essentially the same affect.

Obama built “cages,” not camps, to protect women and children from abuse. We feed, clothe and provide medical care, etc. The concentration camps of the Nazis did none, but instead ended up killing thousands.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to be educated. Go there, as I did, and you may understand the difference.

Steven Schaaf, Fresno

Money to gang members? How’s that?

I believe I heard recently that the Fresno City Council is considering paying gang members $500 per month to disassociate themselves from their gang affiliation. Can this possibly be a serious consideration?

How will these individuals be monitored for compliance? We do not have the manpower or the resources to pay for such. Much gang activity takes place when most businesses are closed for the day, so who will be the individuals driving around to check compliance in the late night, wee hours of the morning?

If I heard correctly, the City Council has the votes necessary to pass this initiative, and our only hope for common sense is our mayor.

If this passes, I think I should find a gang to join as the $500 per month for “fun” money sounds appealing.

Cheryl Browns, Fresno

Set record straight in shooting

The case of Jennie Ruiz and the shooting of her brother Charles Salinas is one that undoubtedly evokes sympathy. While I’m not against the stricter use of deadly force in dangerous situations, I am greatly disappointed with how Jennie Ruiz presented her argument (The Bee, June 16).

Ms. Ruiz claims that her brother was shot with his hands in the air and that nondeadly options were not pursued, but what she fails to mention are the circumstances in which the police found themselves in. A recorded 911 call has Charles Salinas admitting to the dispatcher that he was intoxicated as well as armed with “…a 9-millimeter [and] two knives.” A report by ABC 30 also has the police on record stating that Mr. Salinas reached for waistband before officers opened fire.

Following all of this, Ms. Ruiz continues by stating that we must “…hold police accountable whenever they misuse that power.” The glaring issue here is that in this case there was no misuse of power. Officers were faced with a deadly situation and acted decisively. None of what happened is an excuse to misrepresent the facts of that day.

Pablo Ramirez, Kerman

Climate-change issue gaining traction

Thankfully, the national conversation about climate change is moving forward. Politicians and business leaders on both sides of the aisle acknowledge that climate change is real and caused by greenhouse gases.

The House Ways and Means Committee just held a hearing on the economic and health consequences of climate change. A coalition of corporations and environmental groups also presented information about a “carbon pricing” plan. Three thousand five hundred economists recently signed a letter in the Wall Street Journal recommending this to incentivize a shift to practices that will lower emissions that cause global warming and climate-related disasters.

While there is already a bipartisan bill in the House that outlines such a plan, (HR 763, The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act) the majority of its co-sponsors are Democrats. The conservative Climate Leadership Council also recommends a carbon fee and dividend system. It is slightly different and includes greater rollback of regulations, but they don’t have a specific bill yet. The recent Luntz poll showed that 75% of Republicans under 40 backed a carbon fee and dividend plan. So many sectors agree now on the need for carbon pricing. I encourage Reps. Costa, Cox, McCarthy, McClintock and Nunes to support this bipartisan effort.

Andrea De Zubiria, Fresno