Letters to the Editor

Trump not a dictator: Letters to the editor, June 22, 2019

President Donald Trump speaks during a March rally in Grand Rapids, Mich.
President Donald Trump speaks during a March rally in Grand Rapids, Mich. AP file

Foolish arguments to criticize Trump

It is ridiculous to compare President Trump to the Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and make broad hypothetical accusations of his actions under circumstances that would never occur under our current constitutional laws, as the author of the letter, Michael J. Parks points out in his June 17th letter to the editor. Entitled “There Are No Limits To Presidential Power,” these laws prevent that from ever happening.

Parks is leading readers to believe that Trump would murder people on a whim if only he was allowed the power to do so. This is not only a leading statement, it is factually impossible. In addition to the checks and balances emplaced to prevent a dictator situation, our Constitution states that people are innocent until proven guilty, and this can be applied here. It is morally unjust to claim he would essentially be guilty of murder when there is no evidence to support this statement based on his real-life actions.Trying to make the argument that due to Trump’s high rate of firing staff members or making public his annoyances with people, he would rather murder them like a dictator, is illogical and foolish.

Jill D. Schulz, Fresno

War with Iran? Here we go again

Let’s see, we tear up the nuclear deal with Iran, put in place sanctions against them that cripple their economy, put war hawks in the administration, and then claim we have evidence that Iran is bombing international oil tankers. The war drums are beating.

We stirred up an ant hill when we invaded Iraq with false evidence of weapons of mass destruction, which led to a seemingly never-ending war. I predict that a war with Iran will make the war of Iraq look like a cakewalk. Here we go again. Where is the art of the deal?

Tom Peratt, Clovis

State’s insanity just keeps growing

Every day there’s more insanity to read about. I thought Gov. Brown was crazy, but now we have one that has more power over us. He decides how we live without a vote of American citizens. Brown and Newsom have stockpiled billions of dollars for a rainy day, yet Gov. Newsom wants the U.S. citizen to pay for illegals free health care. How? By penalizing and fining the citizens who can’t afford insurance. Also making us a “sanctuary city” without the voices of Americans.

No matter that our state is becoming a eyesore. It is so disheartening to see the roads in such bad condition, and weeds everywhere. It’s time to stop the phrase “privileged white man” also. Enough is enough. Anyone with half a brain knows that the white race consists of many nationalities. Most of the columnists for the Fresno Bee always have to input a derogative statement about the privileged white man. At least clean it up and say white American. Last but not least, all the illegals coming into our country are probably not vaccinated . Measles outbreak? They blame the Americans for it. Pretty hushed up.Give us back our State

Joyce Reed, Clovis