Letters to the Editor

Newsom is oblivious: Letters to the editor, June 21, 2019

In this June 1 photo, Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks during the 2019 California Democratic Party State Organizing Convention in San Francisco.
In this June 1 photo, Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks during the 2019 California Democratic Party State Organizing Convention in San Francisco. AP file

Newsom shows contempt for state

If Gavin Newsom is not stopped, we can kiss our state goodbye.

We cannot have a man parading as the governor of California, promising to care for illegal aliens while ignoring our own homeless. California has 140,000 homeless people. They are everywhere! They are baking in the hot sun today and may freeze to death this winter.

Gavin Newsom must be stripped of his responsibilities. He has proven himself to be oblivious to the needs of the citizens of California. He and his aunt Nancy have left San Francisco in a pitiful mess. Now he seems bent on taking down the entire state. Has he even bothered to tour the carnage in L.A.?

If you live in California, if you love California, you better listen up. If the only way a politician can secure votes is to import them, feed them, clothe them and expect you to work to support them, then they need to get out of the business. We elect officials to look after our best interest. Gavin Newsom is strictly looking out for Gavin Newsom, which he learned well from his aunt Nancy! And like her, he feels untouchable and above reproach; constituents be damned.

Linda Lafferty, Visalia

Use high-speed rail money elsewhere

I am writing in regards to the article entitled “Why shouldn’t we give up on high-speed rail? Because it can transform Valley and state” in your editorials section (The Bee, June 16) . My position is that the costs outweigh any future (if indeed there is a future) benefits the rail system may have.

You mention an environmentally sound impact — the opposition from farmers, some of whom haven’t had their land acquisition agreements honored, seems to be at odds with that.

I frankly agree with Mr. Walters in that many of the structures that already exist are an eyesore — the solitary chunk of bridge featured in the picture in the editorial itself comes to mind as I often cross that area myself. I do not wish to live in a Fresno with unfinished structures that look as if they come out of a dystopian novel.

You also mention California and the rail authority have the funds to see this through. Yes, for now, until the next set of drawbacks rear their heads. I would rather see these funds channeled into more worthy projects that can more directly and reliably, improve our local community.

Steven Edwards, Fresno

Feels neglected as a citizen student

My family left their country to give me a better life. Foreign students get more attention than a U.S. citizen when being accepted to their dream school.

I also volunteered in many programs to get experience in the field I planned to pursue. Since I plan to successfully achieve my master’s in social work, I volunteered at a Golden Living Center. Some days I would feed them, some days I would clean out their space or keep them company. Not only did I give my time to volunteer, but I also worked since I was 16 years old. I would work five days a week for three hours each day to help my parents pay bills.

Many would argue that you have the same equal opportunity as others do, though I disagree. What is the point of being a U.S citizen when someone who is not born in the country has more advantages than I could ever undertake. Therefore, I do not see why foreign students should be praised more than us U.S student citizens.

Eliana E, Gervacio, Sanger