Letters to the Editor

Graduation blues: Letters to the editor, June 12, 2019

Area high schools hold graduation ceremonies at the Save Mart Center, located on the Fresno State campus.
Area high schools hold graduation ceremonies at the Save Mart Center, located on the Fresno State campus. Fresno State

Graduation ceremony had problems

Well, winding down from another year of graduation ceremonies from our high schools at the Save Mart Center, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of organization at the center. I mean, these kids only graduate once from high school, shouldn’t it be a great family experience?

We were standing outside waiting for the doors to open to see our granddaughter receive her diploma from Edison High School, and the lines were all over the place. One of our family members stepped away momentarily, and upon her return politely asked another person in line “excuse me,” and the other person must of had to much sunshine and copped a real ugly attitude, like ready to fight! This is a graduation — not WWE wrestling!

About 30 minutes before the doors opened, a representative from CSC Event staff told everyone the line started at this point, not where the four lines were at. Obviously they’ve done this before, right? Four lines, all of a sudden become one single file line. Is there some reason more barricades or ropes are not used? I mean Save Mart Center opened in November 2003. By now I’m sure someone would of, could of, figured this out?

Finally inside, sitting on our seats, the commencement ceremony was beginning. As the band played music, the Senior Class officers came up to the podium to welcome the crowd, I couldn’t understand a word. Sounded like they had a pillow over the mic or were underwater or something. It’s just a temporary audio glitch, right? Wrong. The whole ceremony was like that, and those in the audience were looking at each other muttering “What did they say?”

Oh well, congratulations Class of 2019. If you didn’t hear that at the Save Mart Center, you can read it here.

Tony Cruz, Fresno

Individual freedom of speech still true

As much as people might not like it, the Fresno Unified student who broadcast racist language over the internet while posing in blackface and sitting in her friend’s home was engaging in constitutionally protected free speech. Whatever “accountability” Fresno Unified Superintendent Bob Nelson has in store for the student sounds like it very well might be an illegal and unconstitutional overreach. The student’s parents should be prepared to stand up for their daughter’s rights and resist any disciplinary action against her.

Although this might be a good time for people to reflect on race issues in the community and draw lessons from what happened, it is never a good time to violate a person’s constitutional rights.

Richard M. Oberto, Fresno

When it comes to lemons, make lemonade

What to do with lemons? I have a lemon tree that produces hundreds of lemons each year. Most are thrown away, even though they are good and juicy. I’ve tried telling everyone I know to take all you want, but no takers. I’ve put a sign out front for free lemons. No takers.

Every week since February I’ve thrown out 100s of lemons. Today I’m throwing out at least a 100 lemons. Some as big as grapefruit. To a lesser degree I have the same problem with oranges. Any suggestions?

Jake Wilburn, Fresno

Big mess at shopping center

After reading letter to the editor concerning Clovis Post Office landscape, another eyesore is the shopping center located on Shaw, between Peach and Villa avenues. Several calls have been placed to the City of Clovis with no action taken. I must give Walmart (at this location) credit for keeping its grounds in pretty good shape. Throughout the area there are weeds, garbage etc. including the back area. One dumpster is so high it is bulging out under the gate, which is locked. A toilet was even dumped in the back area.

What a shame to let this area become a big horrible mess in the city limits of Clovis.

Don Franck, Clovis