Letters to the Editor

Border security: Letters to the editor, June 9, 2019

Hundreds of Central American migrants walk on the highway after crossing the Guatemala-Mexico border, near Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, Wednesday, June 5, 2019.
Hundreds of Central American migrants walk on the highway after crossing the Guatemala-Mexico border, near Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico, Wednesday, June 5, 2019. AP

Pro-secure border, not anti-immigrant

Regarding Ruben Navarette Jr.’s column, “Immigrant Trouble,” I assume when he refers to the “anti-immigrant crowd,” he’s referring to those like me who are opposed to illegal immigration and open borders, not to immigration. I respectfully request that this distinction be made when immigration is discussed.

When we support illegal immigration, we are insulting immigrants who are trying to enter the U.S. legally, such as my Filipino friend, whose adult daughters, trained nurses, have not yet received permission to enter the states to be with their parents because they need a hospital to sponsor/hire them.

Another aspect of illegal immigration to consider is that we do not have an endless supply of government aid to dispense; we must not forget that there are many people currently living here in need of such aid. We must be careful not to ignore the needs of one in order to take on the other.

My opinions are not based on “fear of competition” or an attitude of immigrant inferiority, as Mr. Navarrette suggests; they are based on a nation’s right to require a legal process of immigration. Perhaps this topic is better identified as open borders vs. secured borders.

Lynette VanDerKooi, Hanford

No guac unless Trump wins the deal

Hey everyone! Better get used to living without your guacamole and margaritas, cause it’s all about “The Art of the Deal.” Evidently what matters is that he wins .... neaner ... neaner ... neaner.

Carrie Harwood, Clovis

Friant-Kern Canal shows strong flow

I am surprised at Esmeralda Soria’s claim (The Bee, June 4) that “Deliveries from the Friant-Kern Canal (FKC)...have been reduced by nearly two-thirds in recent years...” On May 2, the FKC flow rate was reported as a prodigious, and illegal, 4,110 cu. ft/second. Today, FKC is reported in The Bee as 2,830 cu. ft/second. The flow rate of the San Joaquin at both times has been a steady, paltry, 611 cu. ft/sec. This rate defies the 2002 settlement of the federal government’s Bureau of Reclamation with the San Joaquin River old water rights group. To be legal, the San Joaquin should have about 40% of the “unrestricted flow,” i.e. 3,345.6 cu. ft/sec, not 1/5th of that figure.

That would keep the chloride concentration of the Delta-Mendotta canal pump at Tracy near its current, barely brackish, 25 meq/liter, year round, make the one pipe proposal by Gov. Newsom unnecessary, and diminish the rate of loss to salinity of agricultural land on the west side. An average 40 box cars of salt are imported each day by the aqueduct and FKC into the Central Valley from the delta.

Hurtado’s SB 559 ‘borrows from Peter to pay Paul’ at great expense. It should be defeated.

Anthony H. Horan, Fresno

Open impeachment proceedings now

As much as I respect (House) Speaker Pelosi, she’s wrong in her stance against opening an impeachment investigation on Trump. An investigation into his many, many wrongdoings will not hurt Democrats in 2020; it will shore up the public’s opinion of the harm he is doing to our country and provide vital information to oppose him. Trump’s actions must be made public so the public can decide for themselves their positions. I hope that my Rep. Jim Costa and Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris recognize that and will take action.

The thing that will cause the most harm to any Democrat’s chances to win the White House is the “cannibalism” that occurs within the party during and after primary campaigning. Democrats need to campaign on who they are, what they’ve accomplished, and their platforms instead of attacking each other or their opponents. Run on platforms instead of slinging mud when it’s slung at them. There are too many important issues to address instead of wasting precious time responding to bullies.

Cynthia Miller, Fresno