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Smittcamp’s integrity: Letters to the editor, June 2, 2019

Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp
Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp Fresno Bee file

Smittcamp embodies integrity, fairness

I was dumbfounded by the absolute incorrectness of the article published recently questioning the motivations of DA Lisa Smittcamp in the Arambula trial. As a deputy DA under her, I can tell you this baseless smearing of DA Smittcamp couldn’t be further from the truth.

The duty of a prosecutor is to pursue justice and apply it equally no matter who the accused is or what position they hold. DA Smittcamp continually reinforces the standard that integrity is of the utmost importance in our position as prosecutors. No one exemplifies this more in practice than DA Smittcamp herself. She does not do the easy thing; she does the right thing — regardless of whether it exposes her to criticism by the media and the public.

There were countless errors in this article that show the author didn’t do his homework, but that’s not really the point. The point is that every single day, DA Smittcamp puts her money where her mouth is — standing for victims and working to make this community a better place. DA Smittcamp is a true public servant who is as untouched by political motivations as one can be. I am proud to serve under her.

Amy Cobb, Fresno

Good economy and democracy are atttainable

While Donald Trump constantly brags that he alone is responsible for the good economy, in fact, his time in office has overseen a continuation of the economic growth that began at the end of the 2010 recession. The 19 months previous to this administration saw 3.9 million jobs created; the subsequent 19 months resulted in an additional 3.6 million jobs.

Even if he were given total credit for the state of our economy, it is illogical to believe he is the only person who can manage it effectively in order to maintain its current course. He is, however, the only person who will continue to renounce and disregard our constitutional standards, while pursuing an ultimate goal: to be an autocratic dictator similar to his role models, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Prince Mohammad.

It need not be a binary choice — we can and must attain both: a president who will sustain the economy on an upward course while respecting the Constitution and governing our country in the manner our founding fathers intended. Above all, we need and deserve a leader who will conduct himself in a manner befitting the presidency of the greatest democracy in world history.

Marti Nicely, Fresno

California’s reality is like a bad movie

Now playing at your home soon, “The state that dried up and blew away!” Produced by those same ingenious people who brought you previous block-buster thrillers such as, “Insanity on the high-speed rail,” “The California orchestrated inferno,” “Help! My freeways are all clogged up and I really gotta go,“ and “The pothole that gobbled up Fresno!” The latest cliffhanger portrays a realm that you all are familiar with as it squanders trillions of gallons of badly needed water under the ruse of “saving the environment.”

A few sane people try to save the day, but they are opposed by the liberal left and their two recent toadie governors. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat and biting your fingernails as this suspense masterpiece rushes towards the climax where a reasonable remnant break into the governor’s office to make one last plea to save their endangered state. And, you will cringe with horror as the governor utters these fateful words, “Frankly my dears, I don’t give a dam!"

Kris A. Upton, Chowchilla