Letters to the Editor

Truer price of gas: Letters to the editor, May 27, 2019

Gas prices do not reflect the true impact of burning fossil fuels, writes Harold Warner of Porterville.
Gas prices do not reflect the true impact of burning fossil fuels, writes Harold Warner of Porterville. Fresno Bee file

Calculate the true cost of gas

I am sick of people whining about how gas prices are so high. What does burning a gallon of gas really cost you?

Start with the breathing problems and damage to our health. What does pollution cost us in the the destruction of our forests, seas, and skies? What does it cost us to assure our oil supplies by invading countries that are big oil producers? Cheap gas allows us to live a long way from where we work, causing more pollution and traffic jams. Are we paying the real costs for those oil spills like from the Exxon Valdez?

If you drive more when gas is cheap, is there more chance of having an accident, putting more pollution into the atmosphere, which helps destroy the Earth, degrading your health ( physical and mental) or making you pay via your tax money to keep your armed forces threatening oil-rich countries like Iran, Iraq, or Venezuela?

If a gallon of gas really reflected what burning it really costs us, $4.00 a gallon is way underpriced.

Harold Warner, Porterville

DA must focus on real child abuse

So glad the jury could see through the ridiculous prosecution of Dr. Arambula for child abuse. Regarding Smittcamp’s comment that the case was about an injury to a 7-year old child’s head, does this mean our DA’s office will be prosecuting all unfounded/inconclusive CPS child abuse cases that involve one bruise on a child’s head?

Also, a child’s head is one of the common areas for accidental injuries. The DA’s Office did more harm to Arambula’s daughter, and her sisters, by putting her and the family through a headline trail case. For one bruise? Really? There are so many other cases of real child abuse that never get prosecuted.

Having worked as a teacher’s aide, I saw many cases of reported child abuse. What was the DA’s reasoning? Did you really think a jury would give a verdict of guilty for one bruise? The DA owes the Arambula family and the community an apology for not using your resources on real child abuse cases.

Judy Murillo, Fresno

The Bee, DA, PD culpable in case

The Bee is almost as culpable as Lisa Smittcamp and as Jerry Dyer in pushing the public’s face in the Arambula case week after week. And all this for a putative misdemeanor! Unprecedented hoopla. Tell me politics wasn’t involved and I’ll sell you a Lamborghini for pennies.

Of course, Lisa and Jerry will say that they had anything to do with keeping the flame going. “Well, he must’ve done something,” right? They won’t have to deny anything because their hands are squeaky clean.

Stanley Poss, Fresno