Letters to the Editor

Improving air quality: Letters to the editor, May 25, 2019

Dyami Hunt, 14, who has asthma and was recovering from walking pneumonia, wears a mask to filter the smokey air while spending time outdoors near his home in Fresno last August.
Dyami Hunt, 14, who has asthma and was recovering from walking pneumonia, wears a mask to filter the smokey air while spending time outdoors near his home in Fresno last August. Fresno Bee file

Personal duty to improve air quality

I am responding to the op-ed entitled “Reduce vehicles on roads to improve Valley’s air” (The Bee, May 21).

The solution to our problem is not to reduce vehicles. The problem is our addiction to fossil fuels. The technology has existed for a long time to change this, but “someone” doesn’t want us to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels. Could that someone be the oil and gas industry?

Electric cars have been around awhile and they should solve our problem.

I have driven a hybrid since 2009. My next car will be a completely electric car. “Goodbye Mr. Gas!” By taking personal responsibility for the air we breathe and doing something about it, we can collectively improve the quality of our air and the air our children will breathe in the future.

The technology exists. Our choices matter.

It’s time to sell the beater. The payoff will be less pollution.

Ronald E. Bock, Clovis

Tightening male control of women

The long-tentacled reach of patriarchal misogyny, ever threatening to further denigrate the existence of 51-plus percent of homo Sapiens, manifested itself in the state of Georgia with an organization called Personhood USA in 2008.

It has spread among men who fear and hate the mere idea of gender equality along with co-opted women who harbor self-hatred and figure they stand to gain by aligning themselves with those in power.

The avowed purpose of these groups is to define personhood as arising at conception, bringing with it all of the rights generally attaching to the male. A zygote, the collection of cells present at conception, which results in a female, of course, would be automatically deprived of such a distinction as soon as she comes of child-bearing age, and in the interim will be socialized to accept a subservient position in the world.

There never has been nor is there now a global acceptance of when human life begins; definitions varying from culture to culture, religion to religion and the passing of time. Such a definition is determinant of a great deal of what it means to be human — legally, politically, socially, ethically, morally, etc.

This is about tightening the male stranglehold.

Harriette Wagner, Fresno

Downtown Fresno decay notable

I went to Fresno Pacific University graduation ceremony at Selland Arena.

Wow, what an eye-opening experience for me. I saw firsthand how badly downtown Fresno has been left to fall apart and congest traffic to a standstill. Nowhere to park and no one directing traffic. If this is the way it is at all events downtown, no wonder downtown is dead.

Our past and present city council, mayors and yes, all us voter,s have ruined this once beautiful city.

My family, friend and neighbors that have lived in Fresno all their lives and now have passed on are turning over in their graves at what you have let Fresno become.

When I was in the service in my younger days I would be asked, where you from Bobbitt? I would stand tall with my chest out and say Fresno, California with pride because I had pride in my town. Today I was ashamed at what I saw downtown. It’s not the mall’s fault, folks, its the elected and voters!

Wake up Fresno!

Dana Bobbitt, Fresno