Letters to the Editor

Stankewitz case: Letters to the editor, May 21, 2019

Stankewitz fully deserves death

I would like to thank James A. Ardaiz for his comments on the Stankewitz trial. The trial judge during the first trial was the Honorable Robert Martin. As foreman of that jury, it is upsetting to listen to people state opinions on trials who did not sit in on the trial for the entire period. Without all the evidence at their fingertips, they are still making judgement on trials, such as the ones that we have seen in the Travon Martin case in Florida, the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri as well as other states across the nation. Doug Stankewitz is a murderer with absolutely no respect for human life. He was given the correct verdict and sentence at the first trial.

During the penalty phase of the trial, the hardships of his youth were presented to and considered by the jury. I know, I was there. There was no mention of the physical attack on his own attorney during the trial. He did know right from wrong in the opinion of the jury. The only thing that I am surprised about is that he has not committed another homicide while serving the last 40 years in prison. If you believe that the death penalty should be used only in the most extreme instance, this case would most definitely be deserving of that fate.

Jack Kilner, Fresno

Safe parking for homeless students

Fresno needs to start a safe parking program, like Santa Barbara's 15-year-old program, for our homeless community college students and others throughout Fresno who are homeless but have vehicles. Many good, law-abiding people do not have the money to rent housing at the going rates and there is a shortage of affordable housing.

According to research, 20% of our community college students are homeless. We can't afford as a county and a state to keep this group of people destabilized. It is driving up medical care costs related to homelessness, hospital admissions, and criminal justice costs when homeless people become crime victims.

In September 2018, a homeless woman was brutally raped and beaten in the Tower District. She required three weeks of hospital care, there was a police investigation, a criminal trial, and the defendant Micah Collins was convicted and sentenced to 36 years in prison.

That violent crime case will easily cost millions of dollars, money that could have been spent on housing the victim and others.

A safe parking program is ultimately cost effective.

Michaela Bennett, Fresno

Where humans outnumber birds

News flash: This just in: San Francisco now has more homless people than seagulls. Congratulations!

Charles Hall, Fresno

Liberals ruin forests, Trump saves

I’m stunned at the number of gullible people in the U.S. when it comes to the weather. We’ve always had fires, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, and we’ve done everything needed to minimize the damage until the EPA reared it’s ugly head. In 1992 ,when Bill Clinton was elected president, his people wanted the forests pristine. So they ran off people who had maintained land leases with cabins. They also destroyed all cabins, stopped logging and cattle grazing. These decisions allowed brush and grass to overtake the forests and made it difficult for firefighters to reach fires.

Liberal politicians have caused incredible damage to our forests and our homes. This affected my family and friends.

President Trump is trying to change this destructive part of our government. It’s common sense to manage the forests.

Linda Keys, Tulare