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Biden and Obama years: Letters to the editor, May 12, 2019

Former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden makes a campaign stop at King Taco with Mayor Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles on May 8, 2019.
Former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden makes a campaign stop at King Taco with Mayor Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles on May 8, 2019. NYT

Scandal free in Obama years?

I heard on TV part of Joe Biden’s speech he gave at a rally recently. He is planning to run for president of the United States. He stated that he was very proud that there had been no scandals in the Obama administration during which he was the vice president. Obama had made the same statement after he left office. Where were they during the Benghazi attack when four Americans were killed? As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton received many, many emails from Ambassador Stevens concerning the hostile and dangerous situation at the embassy, and he even suggested that the embassy be closed. His pleas were ignored, no action was taken and people died. And they blamed a video for the attack. Is that not a scandal of epic proportions? How can he explain this ‘nonscandal’ to the Stevens family?

The day after he was elected Obama made the statement on T V” “Now we have to get busy and redistribute the wealth.” Then he denied saying this. What about the fact that Ms. Clinton did State Department business on her private email server, denied for a long time that she was doing this and eventually tried to destroy the evidence by smashing her server? Was this not scandalous? What about the fact that things were “getting hot” for Clinton and it appeared that charges would be filed against her. Then Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch who was in charge of the FBI and miraculously all charges leveled at Hillary Clinton went away. Scandalous!

I also remember that as Secretary of State Ms. Clinton gave great amounts of uranium to Russia and Russia gave millions to the Clinton Foundation. And we have the millions or billions that was given to Iran by Obama, no voting on this expenditure it was done by presidential edict!

This proves that politicians can say whatever enters their mind and then later deny having said these things. That certainly seemed to be the standard for the Obama administration of which Biden was a major player. And even though Biden was not responsible personally for these actions, they were part of the Obama administration which Biden declares had no scandals.

Bonnie Lindgren, Kinsburg

Stankewitz faced correct charge

I disagree with a recent letter about the death penalty being “absurd.” When looking at Douglas Stankewitz case, he is charged correctly. I understand the point when saying he was 19 (an adult) when sentenced for the death penalty, but young age doesn’t justify actions. There’s a reason why he’s on death row for such a long time and in prison for 40 years.

The letter argued that he had a disturbed childhood and his actions are almost reasonable for him killing Theresa (Greybeal). However, because he did have a difficult childhood, he will need to seek therapy if it’s not too late. Once a psychopath, always a psychopath due to the fact no one can “fix” the brain (he lacked negative emotions as a child which made him not learn from his mistakes; no matter how much he says he’s “changed” he mentally cannot). And you think he should be released?

Even after he was conscious of what he did as an adult and texted his friends after the murder “Did I drop her or did I drop her?” Don’t you think that if he is released, he’ll be more psychologically “messed on in the head”?

Claudia Martinez, Fresno

Release full Mueller report now

There is no need to smear Bill Barr. He accomplished this all by himself by misrepresenting the Mueller report and then lying to Congress that he did not know how Mueller felt about his characterization of the report.

Bill Barr had the letter from Mueller when he stated he did not know how Muller felt. The report clearly states that there were instances of potential obstruction of justice. The Muller report does not state one way or the other on the obstruction of justice, but clearly states it is now the House or Representatives’ responsibility to pursue the potential illegal activity by the current administration.

To rely on one person’s opinion (Bill Barr) is not reasonable, while noting 370 federal current or former prosecutors signed a letter stating they would have prosecuted based on the Mueller report. It is time for Bill Barr to release the full report with no redaction's and let the chips fall were they may.

Rod Palmer, Visalia