Letters to the Editor

Wildfire risk: Letters to the editor, May 9, 2019

A 747 Global Airtanker makes a drop in front of advancing flames from a wildfire Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Lakeport, Calif.
A 747 Global Airtanker makes a drop in front of advancing flames from a wildfire Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, in Lakeport, Calif. AP file

Wildfire risk real, so update law

The Fresno Bee has had articles about the risk of wildfires in California and the destruction of homes and lives. It seems that our governor and other politicians are only addressing liability, clearing forests, or future building codes. None of that is going to protect us this summer from wildfires.

The state mandate to clear 100 feet in areas like Oakhurst, Public Resources Code 4291 needs Madera County Board of Supervisors to support legislation to protect their constituents homes from fire. The members of our communities should be aware that we are not much different in environment than was the community of Paradise. Madera's supervisors don't respond to letters abut modifying PRC 4291 to allow complete 100 foot clearance around one's home when part of that lies in another's property. If the Junction Fire was able to burn across town and up through Taylor Mountain, given winds and the vegetation that will be abundant from the rains on top of existing unmaintained vegetation and dead pines, Oakhurst is Paradise II.

PRC 4291 needs to be modified ASAP, there's no time for our representatives in Madera and Sacramento to ponder building codes and liability before they do something to save homes this summer. Do your taxpaid job.

Mary Herrmann, Oakhurst

Warriors game a great memory

I’m a lifelong (Golden State) Warriors fan, but I’ve only gone to three home games in all these years. That first time seeing them live in 1990 is a memory I’ll never forget.

Ex-Fresno State star Tyrone Bradley and I worked together and became friends. His buddy, former Fresno State great, Rod Higgins, was with the Warriors at the time. Tyrone arranged tickets for a small group of us to go to the game. The game was against the Detroit Pistons, who were in the middle of back-to-back championship seasons.

Tyrone was a Chicago city high school all-star along with Pistons Mark Aguirre and Isaiah Thomas, and he planned on visiting them after the game. We arrived at Rod Higgins’ apartment hours before game time to meet him. As I looked at the apartment registry I saw names like Mario Ellie, Terry Teagle and Tim Hardaway. Rod and his wife couldn’t have been nicer to us. To say we were pumped is a major understatement.

Tyrone sat with Rod’s wife a few rows behind the Warrior bench while we were higher up. About halfway through the fourth quarter Tyrone came up and gave us his and Rod’s wife’s tickets, as they were heading for the locker room. Me and a friend finished the final minute of the game on the floor standing next to Manute Bol and Ralph Sampson. After the game concluded we were on the court just walking around. To the left is Ronnie Lott and to the right is Al Davis.

We were hoping to get in the locker room, and we tried, but never made it.

I will always be grateful to Tyrone for giving us an experience we’ll never forget.

Steve Carr, Fresno

Park tax would impact the poor

Mayor Lee Brand and challenger Andrew Janz both seem inclined to resurrect the failed Measure P parks initiative, that if passed, would have cost the taxpayers $2 billion over 30 years. This may not seem like a big deal if you have a high-paying job, but Fresno has many working for minimum wage. Measure P would negatively impact the poor and retired people on a fixed income.

Janz states he hopes to cut the homeless population in half within his first term. Seems that raising sales taxes on the poor and retires will only create more poverty and homelessness. The sales tax would increase from 7.975 to 8.350. Poverty in Fresno County is 28%, PG&E is raising rates, student debt is high, grocery costs and living expenses continue to rise. Take your family to a restaurant, buy them clothes, purchase a new or used vehicle, furniture and the additional tax cost is high.

The city already budgeted $25.8 million for parks in FYE 2018 and $29.5 million in FYE 2019. I hope we get a candidate for mayor that understands raising taxes on the poor causes more poverty and that is not good for our city.

Ray Cortez, Fresno

Let the engineers design the roads

Fresno City Council members are the last people who should be designing our roadways.

How about the great job that was done ruining Blackstone with the so-called high speed bus lane? That eliminated the space for bikes and causes backups for the through traffic. Wide sidewalks just take up valuable space for motorists. Two examples: Olive Ave. in the Tower and the intersection of Blackstone and Shields. Oh, there's a lot of walking going on there. No one walks on Blackstone! The wider sidewalks will just give more room to the street people.

Clean up the garbage left everywhere by the urban campers, fix the potholes and use common sense to solve these problems

Kim Garo, Fresno