Letters to the Editor

Prayer and public meetings: Letters to the editor, May 3, 2019

Clovis Unified School Board Trustee Steven Fogg.
Clovis Unified School Board Trustee Steven Fogg. Fresno Bee file

Not right to impose beliefs at meeting

Clovis Unified School District board member Steven Fogg, who often led the invocation at meetings, is wrong in saying “people are trying to take God out of everything.”

No one, including atheists, at least the ones I know, are trying to do that. They’re just against folks like Mr. Fogg trying to impose his beliefs while acting in their official capacity. Whether he understands that or not, it’s exactly what he was doing. Our forefathers brilliantly addressed the issue in our Constitution. They accepted that. Why can’t he?

When I attended public high school in Virginia long ago, a passage from the King James version of the Bible was read over the intercom at the beginning of each school day. My Catholic and Jewish friends, obviously, were uncomfortable, at the least, but had no choice but to endure.

Mr. Fogg was doing virtually the same, and, in doing so, disrespected all those who don’t believe exactly as he. So, please, Mr. Fogg, don’t deflect the real issue by saying people are trying to “take God out of everything.”

There are plenty of places to relate such beliefs. A Clovis USD board meeting is not that place.

Malcolm Gibson, Clovis

Our nation suffers big affliction

America is hemorrhaging from a tumor diagnosed as a “Trump tumor.” It is causing America strife in divisiveness and hate among its people. All of Americas institutions are under attack by diseases and viruses. This tumor has surrounded itself with a self-serving cabinet protecting and making lame excuses for his affliction.

The Justice Dept. is affected with an A.G. disease called the “William Barr” virus — causing it to have no credibility with the American people. Other institutions like Homeland Security are driven to immorality, where they separate children from their mothers and are put into cages.

Laws are ignored with no recourse to amend these criminal behaviors, as subpoenas, issued by Congress, are not responded to. The main culprit (the Trump tumor) feels he is above the law. This tumor allows outside influence(the Russians) to bring disease and turmoil into America by allowing them to sabotage our elections.

Medical staff is overwhelmed with all these afflictions. Doctor Democrat who is attempting to cure this tumor has been abandoned by Doctor Republican who looks the other way, pretending the situation is OK.

This renegade Doctor has a vast supply of cohorts who are giving these criminals aid and comfort — in order to keep the tumor growing and untouched by any type of cure.

The questioned remains —will chemo work to get rid of this tumor by 2020, or, will the American people need to vote this tumor out of the White House?

Richard B. Leon, Hanford

Stranger pays for vets to have lunch

My brothers and I try getting together for lunch from time to time, but being in our 80s and 90s and one living out of town it’s difficult to meet. On April 13, we were having lunch at Marie Callender’s and had just finished eating when a gentleman stopped at our table and asked if we were veterans. I assumed he recognized the Korean Vet hat my brother Carl was wearing. We replied that we were all veterans, and he thanked us for our service and paid for our meal.

It happened so fast we didn’t have time to thank him. I hope the gentleman who paid for our lunch knows that six Espinosa brothers have served their country with pride, honor and dignity. We love our country and are proud to have served. To the gentleman who paid for our lunch, we salute you.

Abe Espinosa, Fresno

Free advice from columnist faulted

Since when is Fresno Bee writer Marek Warszawaski the judge and jury in the Assemblyman Arambula case now before the Fresno Court. A jury is just being selected and according to his article in The Bee, it’s clear Marek already finds him guilty.

He further suggests Arambula take a plea agreement to avoid the trial and more pain to his family. I’m sure Arambula is paying his attorneys plenty, and can follow their guidance as to how to proceed. Let justice play itself out without “advice” from a reporter.

Hanna Krebs, Fresno