Letters to the Editor

Misdeeds of the Clintons: Letters to the editor, March 12, 2019

Hillary and Bill Clinton, with daughter Chelsea, during a campaign event in Indianapolis, May 6, 2008.
Hillary and Bill Clinton, with daughter Chelsea, during a campaign event in Indianapolis, May 6, 2008. NYT file

Democrats have misdeeds, too

The Fresno Bee is so biased and doesn’t even try to hide it. Andrew Fiala’s column (March 10): “When powerful people get away with lying, everything falls under suspicion” was so biased, and it was so blatant that they were referring to our president by showing just his picture.

Where is Bill and Hillary Clinton’s picture or Jesse Jackson’s (referring to his extramarital affair and using church funds to provide for his mistress and illegitimate child) or Al Sharpton’s (lying and owing thousands of dollars on his income taxes). And many more?

Stop telling half truths and if your going to oust one, than oust all the others.

Esperanza Ruis Morris, Fresno

Trump got a fair shake this time

How can anyone say the Fresno Bee doesn’t give Trump a fair shake? Sunday’s paper, Page 8A … article on Trump attending a party with Robert Kraft and female owner of massage (wink, wink) parlor, followed by article on Trump getting kudos from evangelicals while signing their Bibles. Yes! A man’s man but with a touch of Jesus. Or is it genius?

Jim Corbo, Fresno

Lebron vs. Steph in Fresno? Say yes!

In 2012 the Lakers played the Warriors in an exhibition game at the Save Mart Center in Fresno. It was a sellout and we all had a blast. Save Mart Center people, with LeBron James and Steph Curry and company in town, it would be as big as Elton John, Garth Brooks, Metallica — you name it. You would guarantee a sellout, and just maybe jumpstart the Valley’s love for basketball again.

The Red Wave started with our basketball program back in the day.

Steve Carr, Fresno

Daylight Saving Time’s true impact

What many don’t know are the current costs of DST. In addition to those listed previously in The Bee — traffic accidents, strokes, reduced productivity (as if those weren’t already enough) — many businesses spend lots of additional money every time there is a time change.

I have been working as a daytime hospital employee for 20 years. Every DST change, I, and my co-workers have to come in at 1a.m. to change time on hundreds of devices. We also have to verify that the times changed properly on many “automatic” devices. This is a repeated expense for no other reason than the time change. We still have to come to work for our “normal” shifts, so it’s not a shifting of costs. They are completely additional and at overtime rates.

I used to work for a support company for institutions such as prisons, hospitals, schools, courts, etc. We were paid to come in and change clocks, bells, time clocks, etc. In 2005, we had to change out incompatible master clocks to match the “new” daylight savings times. Again, much expense. Many master clock systems have slave clocks which keep perfect time — until the time change. Because they often only change time twice a year, that portion of the slave clocks often failed. Otherwise, perfectly good clocks had to be repaired or replaced. Lots more cost.

I believe DST should be retired. I think it’s well worth it and about time!

Robert Sayre, Fresno